Wind is your frenemy. Moving air provides numerous benefits for cannabis. It helps with continuous gas exchange at the leaf stomata. Furthermore, a stiff breeze causing the plant to sway and bend causes beneficial micro-injuries in the stem and stalks. The plant responds with more vigorous growth and becomes stronger as extra tissues form as reinforcement.

However, when getting thrashed by strong winds, gales, and storms, cannabis can become badly damaged. Plants can be uprooted or fall over completely. Branches can be broken or stalks snapped clean through. Leaves can be shredded and swollen central colas that are in heavy flower can break irreparably.

Protecting and reinforcing plants against such heartbreaking happenings is easy and inexpensive. It is better to plan for the worst and hope for the best when maintaining your delicious cannabis plants. Following these few simple tips will make sure your weed is windproof in all but the fiercest cyclonic conditions.


  • It is generally inadvisable to rigidly secure cannabis in any way. Some flexibility allows the plant some natural motion. This will prevent, for example, stakes being pulled out or cages being blown away with your weed.
  • Plant cannabis close to fences or dense border plants that can act as a windbreak. Rows of trees and hedges are nature’s own defences. Avoid a too-packed weed garden as root competition can hinder plant growth in the fight for nutrients.


  • Make your own windbreak. Shade cloth, bamboo matting, or store-bought lattice fixed to pickets driven into the ground are all viable solutions. Tarpaulins tend to act as sails and may do more damage when they come free from their moorings.
  • Avoid staking plants with a single stake then tying them tightly. In high winds, they can snap at the tie point. Drive in two or three stakes around the plant, then run something forgiving from stake to stake. Avoid wire or string, as this can be an edge on which plants may still break. Thick rope or an old bike tire tube are ideal. This allows for movement of the plant to reap the benefits of wind.

Avoid Wind Damage When Growing Cannabis

  • Top and trim plants. Bushier plants are less likely to sway and bend.
  • Make a cage from large mesh wire (not chicken wire—the mesh size is too small). Stake the cage into the ground or fix at the bottom only with tent pegs. Top the plants and feed the branches through the openings in the mesh wire as they grow. Only a very fierce wind could wreck this arrangement. Undershuck branches to enhance the canopy at the cage edges.

Cannabis Plant Broken By Wind

  • If you are using companion planting, clover and alfalfa under plants provide a dense mat that will prevent roots from being torn out. Two rows of corn acts as a great windbreak and provides nutritious meals at harvest. If you like DMT, Phalaris grasses grow tall enough to act as a windbreak for shorter species of cannabis and do not have an invasive root system.

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