With multiple competition victories, Northern Light cannabis has proven itself one of the best around. The plant possesses a good growth form. It's not too tall or short. It also produces an abundance of buds. Best of all, the buds are quite potent. While starting out as almost exclusively a member of the indica strain of marijuana, this variety has been mixed with sativa over the years. This has given it some of the euphoric high associated with this branch of the family. Seed companies, like Royal Queen Seeds, have done additional work to create plants that are predominately female through the chemically-induced feminization process. This ensures loads of golden buds with few or no male flowers.

Originally, Northern Light was breed from the indica line of cannabis. This type of marijuana has its origins in the mountains of Afghanistan. Starting with the ancient Chinese herbalists, it has long been known that this kind of cannabis produces a sleepy, numbing type of high. In all likelihood, Northern Light was first developed in the US near the Seattle area.

The seeds were sent to a grower in the Netherlands. After the first plants were grown here, they were entered into competition and became an immediate winner at the 1989 Cannabis cup sponsored by High Times magazine. This was the very first year they were entered. Northern Light has captured subsequent trophies. It's also been one of the main components for other award-winning varieties.

With this new-found reputation, different seed producers began experimenting with crossing some of them with sativa-type marijuana that originated in Thailand. This has resulted in some strains that exhibit a few of sativa's characteristics. These hybrid varieties sometimes have the more familiar long, thin leaves of the sativa strain. They also produce more mental stimulation and arousal than one usually expects from the indica strain.

Northern Light is a near-perfect plant for growing from seed. When grown indoors, they don't even reach one and a half meters or four feet in height. This makes them highly manageable in a grow box or grow room. They will get taller if set outdoors in the ground. This should only be attempted where the climate is warm and the neighbors are at a safe distance. This variety is one of the fastest growing types of cannabis known. Harvest time can occur in just seven weeks. Compare this to the usual eight to ten weeks for most kinds of pot.

If the plant is grown outside, the natural conditions determine its growth cycle. In the case of indoor production, the grower has much more control. An indoor set-up uses standard equipment like metal halide lamps, potting soil, and fans to regulate humidity and temperatures. The main concern with Northern Light cannabis is timing the lights. For roughly the first month of growth, the plants need about 18 to 24 hours of light a day. This allows them to develop into thick, healthy shrubs. After this period, the lighting is reduced to 10 to 12 hours.

This stimulates the creation of flower buds. Pot itself is made from these buds. In the absence of male flowers, the buds will generate a resin coating that contains the THC and CBD cannabis is famous for. When the resin takes on a golden appearance, it's time to harvest them. To create the usable drug, the buds are placed in a dark location to dry for 24 hours. After this, they are put in plastic bags or air-tight containers for another 6 hours to cure. With this done, the final product or weed can be enjoyed for recreation or as a medical treatment.

Medical researchers have taken a particular interest in this strain of marijuana. Because it's mainly from the indica family, it produces a relaxing and sedating high. It also works as a terrific appetite enhancer. Cannabis, in general, has been utilized for medicinal and food purposes since before recorded history. Examinations of prehistoric campsites have shown this. The ancient Chinese listed the plant as a principal medical herb. They were also the first to note the difference between the indica and sativa branches of the cannabis family.

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Like other types of indica cannabis, Northern Light is particularly effective at relieving pain, including migraine headaches. It's also a powerful muscle relaxant and anxiety reducer. This can be attributed to the high levels of cannabidiol or CBD found in it. Unlike THC, this chemical creates a relaxed or stoned effect. While it can increase the desire for food, most researchers have found that any type of pot can generate this craving. As a pain-reliever, cannabis is one of the safest drugs around. Tests have shown that it takes 10,000 times more of the drug than an effective amount to cause death. This compares nicely to prescription opioid drugs that become fatal at triple their effective dosage. In fact, there are no known cases of overdose deaths from ganga.

There is a concern, though, about using medical marijuana in the form of reefers or joints. They have some of the same hazards is tobacco cigarettes. Two alternatives are eating the pot or using a vaporizer. Oral consumption has the drawback of taking a long time to produce results. On the other hand, inhaling vapors is as effective as smoking joints without the danger of cancer-causing tar and aromatic hydrocarbons getting into the lungs. The effects kick in as quickly, and the couch-lock experience is just as intense.

Considering all the medical benefits provided by Northern Light and other varieties of marijuana, it's not difficult to understand why more jurisdictions are making it a legal alternative to other medications.

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When it comes to strains that have laid down their mark on the cannabis plant genetics that are around today, there are few names that can be mentioned as often as Northern Lights. The exact makeup of the Northern Lights heritage is thought to have come out of west coast America, originally from eleven different seeds.


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