By Luke Sumpter

Cannabis seeds require moisture, warmth, and oxygen to germinate. In the right conditions, both water and oxygen are taken into the seed coat to trigger the biochemical reactions that catalyse germination. However, things get a bit more complicated when trying to germinate old cannabis seeds. Although they require the same external conditions, they’re often more stubborn following long periods of dormancy. Taking extra steps can help increase the chances of successful germination. Continue reading to find out how to soak your old seeds, treat them with hydrogen peroxide, scar them, and use Cannabis Seed Booster to bring them to life.

Soak Cannabis Seeds in Water for 12 Hours

As every grower knows, water plays a fundamental role in cannabis seed germination. Young and virile seeds will activate when they come into contact with the moisture in well-watered soil. However, older seeds benefit from a thorough soaking to ensure that they wake up and send forth a taproot and shoot. Place old cannabis seeds into a glass of tap water and soak them for 12 hours to maximise their exposure to water in this critical stage.

The uptake of water by a dry seed, known as imbibition, takes place when the cell wall absorbs water from the environment. Here, protoplasmic macromolecules such as proteins and complex carbohydrates called polysaccharides hold water using hydrogen bonds. Keeping water in place allows chemical reactions to take place in the seed, resulting in germination.

You can further increase the odds of successful germination by controlling temperature. Aim to maintain a constant temperature of 25°C, using a heat mat or small heater if necessary, to improve your chances.

Germinaqtion process

Cannabis Seeds and Hydrogen Peroxide

Applying hydrogen peroxide during the germination of old cannabis seeds can help speed the process up and protect seedlings from diseases. Hydrogen peroxide is essentially water with an additional oxygen molecule. As the secret weapon of this compound, this extra molecule oxidises bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can affect germination and seedling health. On top of this, hydrogen peroxide also helps to soften the external seed layer, speeding up germination. To put this substance to use when sowing old cannabis seeds, follow these easy steps:

  1. Mix 30ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 240ml of water.
  2. Soak your old cannabis seeds in this solution overnight.
  3. Sow your seeds into cell trays or plugs and maintain a temperature of 25°C.
Cannabis seeds and oxygen steps

While many growers find soaking seeds in hydrogen peroxide helps to activate old marijuana seeds, some cultivators choose to avoid the substance. Cannabis seeds possess a microbiome of their own, and seed endophytes are actively involved in creating root hairs in the seedling phase, meaning hydrogen peroxide might interfere with this process. Try to germinate some of your old seeds in water first. If this fails, opt for hydrogen peroxide as a last resort.

Use Cannabis Seed Booster to Bring Old Seeds to Life

Our expert growers and breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have developed a Cannabis Seed Booster designed to enhance germination and activate old seeds. This formula contains a host of nutrients and biostimulants that accelerate the development of the taproot and shoot. High levels of zinc, boron, and copper activate important root hormones, mono-silicic acid helps to defend seedlings against stress and infection, and crucial vitamins and amino acids drive root growth and strength. To use our Cannabis Seed Booster to germinate old marijuana seeds, follow these steps:

  1. Shake the product well before use.
  2. Add 40 drops (approximately 1.5ml) to 1l of pure water and mix thoroughly.
  3. Soak your seed in this solution for 12 hours.
  4. Sow your seeds and water them in with the solution.
  5. Apply Cannabis Seed Booster to your seedlings until the first true leaves appear. Use each fresh solution within 24 hours.
Seed booster cannabis old seed

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