Fruit Spirit is a renowned blend of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa strains, and the finished product is known for its exceptional cerebral high and outstanding flavor that is reminiscent of ripe berries and summer sunshine. The plant has a mostly Sativa effect, and it is a perennial favorite of weed lovers who enjoy an up high that lets them get their work done during the day. Fruit Spirit is an outstanding choice for beginning marijuana gardeners because it is easy to grow, yet experts can fine tune their nutrient levels to achieve the best growth and highest THC content.

Ideal for indoor marijuana growing or outdoors, Fruit Spirit cannabis seeds can flower in as little as eight weeks after the light schedule has been changed to 12 hours of darkness. With a height that is up to 50 or 60 centimeters, Fruit Spirit will reward indoor cannabis gardeners with high yields that range from 50 to 60 grams per square meter, making this cannabis strain an ideal choice for those who are looking for large crops of THC-laden buds. The plant does have a slight tendency to stretch due to its Sativa heritage, and many advanced gardeners rely on training techniques or early flowering to keep their plants under control when height is an issue.

Fruit Spirit is a fully feminized marijuana seed, so there are never any male flowers that can turn an indoor or outdoor garden into a pile of seeds. The strain also makes excellent mothers, and gardeners can have their pick of clones that are fully rooted from cuttings in as little as two weeks. Because this strain has dominant Sativa characteristics, it stretches during the first four weeks of flowering, and the plant works perfectly in sea of green settings. Offering an incredibly high THC level and a super-sweet taste, Fruit Spirit feminized cannabis seeds reach higher than the 20 percent THC mark. The plant is also an outstanding option for outdoor gardens, and it is highly mould and mildew resistant, making it a perfect choice for wet falls. 

Royal Queen Seeds is offering an outstanding Fruit Spirit feminized cannabis strain that derives its name from the mellow smoke and sweet smell of fully ripe buds. The plant is a favorite of connoisseurs weed smokers who enjoy finished products that combine taste, smell and uplifting high for a stunning finish. This particular strain traces its roots to an early cross between Blueberry and White Widow, and weed aficionados can spot features from both strains present in Fruit Spirit. With hybrid vigor, young marijuana clones or seedlings will quickly take off indoors or outdoors, and this remarkable strain combines the best features of two of the world's most popular marijuana strains. 

Fruit Spirit Feminized

 The Blueberry marijuana strain has been around since the late 70s and early 80s, and the plant was originally bred by one of the world's most famous cannabis growers, DJ Short. Blueberry is originally a cross between three strains, a highland Thai, a purple Thai and an Afghani male. Blueberry has it earned its name by its characteristic taste and the bluish hues on the finished buds and fan leaves. The Blueberry marijuana strain is a Cannabis Cup winner, and the plant produces outstanding medicinal-quality nugs that are known for their euphoric high, making it great for relaxing at the end of a day. The Sativa influence from Blueberry is notable in Fruit Spirit, and the plant also has the same uplifting high an purplish hues depending on growing conditions. 

Perfectly complementing the cerebral and immediate effects from Blueberry, White Widow has been added to the Fruit Spirit mix and ensures that the marijuana strain has an incredibly high THC content. White Widow is one of the most famous Cannabis strains in the world, and the plant won the Cannabis Cup in 1995. The plant was originally bred by Shantibaba and is rumored to be a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and an Indica that was first spotted by the breeder during a trip to India. While visiting India, Shantibaba ran across a grower who had been breeding plants for the highest trichome content, and he brought some seeds back to Amsterdam for breeding purposes. White Widow is known for its optimal resin production, and it adds fuel to the taste and great high of Fruit Spirit.

Indoor cannabis growers can flower their Fruit Spirit plants while still small and ensure that they finish flowering at less than 1 meter in height. When done in this manner, the marijuana harvest will range between 30 and 40 grams per plant. Under a 600 watt light growing in a tent or indoor flowering room, yields can be up to 400 grams per square meter. Fruit Spirit also works well in the great outdoors, and it can easily grow up to 2 meters high. In outdoor marijuana gardening, Fruit Spirit produces a great yield, and expert growers can easily harvest more than one kilogram per plant. 

Ganja lovers who have already tried this Sativa dominant cannabis plant in their garden have commented on the incredible taste and fruity buds that are frosty with trichomes. Because Fruit Spirit works just as well under grow lights as it does in the sun, it is an outstanding choice that rewards gardeners with heavy yields of medicinal quality marijuana. While indoor gardening in hydroponic settings, the plant responds well to increased nutrient levels during the fifth and sixth week of flowering and will quickly put on weight.

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Fruit Spirit is the current result of the never-ending quest for new flavours that send your taste buds dancing with every hit of the joint/bong. This marijuana strain is one of the sweetest members of the White Widow family we have come across in our time.


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