Many places around the world and several states within the US have legalized the recreational consumption of cannabis. This attracts a very specific type of tourism. Although you’ll find the excellent “Anne Frank House” and the “Van Gogh Museum” in Amsterdam, these exhibits are not the main attractions. The Netherlands has become known for cannabis tourism in the past generation. So much so, that when a non-stoner friend tells you he/she will be going there on holiday, you ask them “why?”

Cannabis is not fully legal in the Netherlands, neither is it okay to smoke on the streets. Yet, the existence of “coffeeshops” allows for the exploration of cannabis culture while visiting on holiday. This is something that does not happen in the United States. The purchase and consumption of recreational cannabis might be legal in some states, but still, you’re only allowed to smoke in the comfort of your own home. This is why Bud And Breakfast has arrived to satisfy a new marijuana niche.

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Ironically launched on April first, this stoner version of Airbnb almost seems too good to be true. Tourists have the opportunity to find weed-friendly hosts in several spots around the world. The term “weed-friendly” requires further explanation before you burst into your BnB, joints ablazing. When you browse the website and the locations thoroughly, you will see that not all hosts allow for indoor smoking. They all allow outside smoking. But only some let you spark up in your room or the lounge.

Some of these BnBs take “friendly” to a whole new level. A few even offer their guests cannabis flower. “Cannabis provided” is a check point on each host page. Amongst these points, you’ll find “Vaporizer only,” “Inside smoking,” and even “Vaporizer provided.” The platform provides you with very detailed information about the Bud and Breakfast you’ll be staying at. This is all extremely useful to know before you pack your bags and leave for an unknown place with your herb.

The listings also provide you with dispensaries close-by and will recommend cannabis-friendly events in the area. Some hosts will even personally take you on a small tour around town. This is an incredible opportunity to meet people. You’ll also get to actually explore and learn more about a town or city you’ve never been to.

With cannabis events happening every month in legal states, attendees and business promoters need places to stay at. This is an excellent opportunity to network and meet like-minded people. It will be a hard task finding someone who does not enjoy cannabis in a BnB like this. Sharing knowledge and learning from people in the industry is something that does not happen in a conventional hotel.

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Due to US federal law, you can’t smoke in public places, even in legalized states. Unfortunately, this includes establishments like coffee houses and hotels. The loophole people found was that Bed and Breakfasts are considered private property when rented out by owners.

This created a movement that gave Joel Schneider the idea of opening “Bud + Breakfast,” a cannabis-friendly BnB chain in Colorado. When interviewed about his cannabis practices when staying in hotels for CNBC, Schneider said: "I find myself smoking in my bathroom, hiding with a towel under the door and the shower on...there was no place to smoke, and it wasn't fun."


Joel Schneider was a lawyer on Wall Street before he opened his new marijuana BnB when his kids graduated from college.

This new niche is blooming and growing in popularity. After expanding to three properties, revenues averaged $110,000 a month for Joel and his wife. With this much success, the couple plans on franchising to other legal states in the future. This would be an excellent idea, considering how high their occupancy rates are. Most weekends are sold out and reservations for the stoner holiday, April 20th are booked a year in advance. But this journey was not always easy for the couple.

The financial aspects of running a business in the cannabis industry are always tricky. Banks and credit card companies suspect these businesses of laundering money. This false supposition makes it hard for cannabis-related businesses to benefit from their plans.

The BnB originally had a “Bud Bar” before they were cited by the local law enforcement. Because they charged their guests to stay, they were thought to sell cannabis without a license.

But Darrel Hoffman, the owner of “Bed and Breakfast 420” does not seem to face so many difficulties. Darrel leaves each of his customers a daily gram of flower to enjoy. He hasn’t gotten into trouble yet. We just hope he never does as this is a great gesture.

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It is not hard to see how this is becoming a real trend. And with an increasing demand for something, there will always be increased supply. Hotels chains will start to see this and question why they can’t do the same. Legislation will be pushed and questioned. This is usually positive since new branches of industry will flourish.

The future of this industry, besides depending on policymakers, will also depend on us as consumers. Our task as stoners is to promote this type of activity as much as we can. Success will advocate a positive message against remaining stigma.

We hope you try out this new industry niche and enjoy your time when doing so. Best of luck on your next stoner holiday!

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