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F1 cannabis hybrids are here, and promise to forever change the way we grow weed. However, given the novelty of these genetics, many growers still struggle to understand the benefits of cultivating F1 hybrids. In what follows, we describe the benefits in detail to help you make an informed decision about whether F1 cannabis seeds are right for you.

What Does F1 Mean in Cannabis Cultivation?

F1 stands for "filial 1", and refers to the first generation of offspring resulting from a cross of two pure, distinct genetic lines. While all cannabis seeds are created by using the pollen of one plant to fertilise the flowers of another, F1 seeds stand out from normal cannabis seeds because they're derived from pure inbred lines (or IBLs). IBLs are created by crossing a variety with itself over many generations until it becomes highly stable.

IBLs can stem from any variety of cannabis plants, but what makes them unique is the long process of inbreeding that helps to stabilise their specific traits. The inbred lines used to create Royal Queen Seeds F1 hybrids, for example, have been meticulously bred for several years to retain only the most desired traits, such as:

  • Specific plant height (small plants for easy indoor growing, or large plants for massive outdoor yields)
  • Fast flowering times
  • Specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles

When two inbred cannabis lines are crossed, heterosis (or hybrid vigour) occurs in the offspring. Essentially, we see the traits originally preserved in the inbred parent lines expressed to a greater degree in the offspring, and we're left with plants that exhibit great vigour and uniform characteristics—something that, until now, has been hard to find in cannabis seeds. Check out this article for a more detailed look at the genetic science behind F1 cannabis seeds.

5 Reasons to Grow F1 Cannabis Hybrids

Creating F1 hybrids is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Maintaining inbred lines takes years and requires special care. The uniformity that breeders look for when creating IBLs generally only starts to show after several generations, and pure inbred plants often require plenty of regular maintenance from breeders and growers.

Plus, F1 hybrids are the only generation to preserve the uniform traits, vigour, and high yields that breeders look for. Subsequent crosses of two F1 hybrids (known as F2 hybrids) typically do not preserve the traits of their parents, meaning F1 seeds need to be recreated by crossing the original parent inbred lines again.

All of these factors obviously affect the price of F1 hybrid seeds, and many cannabis growers are left wondering whether investing in F1 hybrids is worth it. However, it is—F1 hybrids offer unique benefits that simply can't be found in regular cannabis seeds (which generally produce vastly different plants, even when stemming from the same parent "strains"). These benefits include the following.

1. Uniformity and Stability

Conventional cannabis seeds are known for producing plants with variable characteristics. Even when sowing seeds that technically come from the same strain, cannabis growers often end up with plants with different traits (height, branching, flowering times, yields, etc.). For the first time ever, F1 cannabis seeds offer growers access to seeds that produce a stable, uniform crop that consistently yields top-shelf flower.

2. High Yields

F1 hybrids boast exceptional yields. When we began creating our inbred genetic lines several years ago, we started by carefully selecting plants renowned for their ability to produce large amounts of high-quality bud. Over years of careful inbreeding, we created pure inbred lines with stable and uniform traits; through the phenomenon of heterosis, our F1 hybrids boast unbeatable yields—both in quality and size.

3. Resistance to Stress, Disease, and Pests

It's no secret that pests and moulds can quickly wreak havoc on a cannabis garden or grow room. Luckily, this is another area where F1 cannabis hybrids stand out from conventional strains. Hybrid vigour doesn't just affect a plant's yields—it also makes plants stronger and better able to overcome stress and adverse growing conditions.

All of our F1 hybrids have been meticulously bred to provide growers with strong plants that deliver great results indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses. They also have exceptional stress tolerance and are highly resistant to a wide variety of common cannabis pests, including pathogens like Botrytis and Fusarium as well as insects such as spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, and more.

4. High Potency/Phytochemical Content

Cannabinoids and terpenes are crucial to the way we experience the effects of cannabis. F1 cannabis hybrids boast high concentrations of these active components, offering higher potency than conventional cannabis strains. Again, this comes from the characteristics of the IBLs they were bred from, and the hybrid vigour the progeny inherited when these lines were crossbred.

5. Fast Growth and Flowering

Hybrid vigour means faster, healthier growth. Some F1 cannabis hybrids also exhibit express flowering times that are ideal both for indoor growers looking to minimise costs and outdoor growers living in regions with short growing seasons. As the current F1 hybrids on the market are autoflowers, these plants are fast to veg and flower, allowing growers to secure a high-quality harvest in a matter of weeks.

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What Are the Best F1 Hybrid Cannabis Seeds to Grow?

At Royal Queen Seeds, we're proud to have created the world's first selection of true F1 hybrid cannabis seeds. Now that you understand the benefits F1 genetics offer over traditional cannabis strains, here's a brief look at the top F1 cannabis hybrids from our new catalogue. For tips on how to grow these hybrids at home indoors or out, check out our guide here.

Note that all of the following F1 hybrids are autoflowers.

Cosmos F1

Cosmos F1

Cosmos F1 is our flagship high-CBD F1 cannabis seed. Descending from a pure genetic line derived from Oregon CBD, this is also the largest of our F1 hybrids. Cosmos F1 seeds produce large plants with a typical Christmas tree structure, long branches, and plenty of healthy foliage to soak up the rays and fuel more vigorous growth. Cosmos F1 is harvest-ready 80 days after germination, at which point she'll reward you with long, dense flowers with a rich aroma of fresh pine and cookies.

Cosmos F1
Oregon CBD
45 - 55 days
THC: 0,5%
Clear, Focus , Meditative
75 - 85 days after sprouting

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Epsilon F1

Epsilon F1

Epsilon F1 combines genetics from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia, and Black Domina. She is the fastest of all of our F1 hybrids, going from seed to harvest in just 60 days. Epsilon F1 seeds produce short plants with few branches, ideal for small rooms, tents, or low-key outdoor gardens. As she flowers, Epsilon F1 produces little to no aroma, which may prove attractive for guerrilla growers. Once dried and cured, however, Epsilon F1 flowers boast a rich aroma combining hints of fresh herbs, citrus, earth, blueberries, and lavender. Her effects couple long-lasting physical relaxation with an uplifting, motivating kick.

Epsilon F1
Blue Dream x Blueberry x Amnesia Lemon Haze x Black Domina
30 - 40 days
THC: Very high
Calming, Long Lasting , Physically Relaxing
60 days after germination

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Medusa F1

Medusa F1

Medusa F1 is a deliciously aromatic F1 hybrid. Bred from Sugar Magnolia (a thick and sweet indica) and American Beauty (a fast, fruity, and well-balanced hybrid), Medusa F1 seeds grow into elongated autoflowering plants that easily reach heights of 80–85cm and develop long, strong, and well-spaced branches. She takes 72 days from seed to harvest and produces long, dense, and resinous flowers that are super easy to trim thanks to their large, swollen calyxes. Medusa F1 produces well-balanced effects that fully relax the body while injecting the mind with positive, creative, and motivating energy.

Medusa F1
Sugar Magnolia x American Beauty
40 - 45 days
THC: Very high
Balanced, Creative, Physically Relaxing, Sleepy
70 - 75 days after germination

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Are you ready to take your cannabis garden to the next level? Check out our full selection of F1 cannabis seeds, and enjoy sowing the seeds of the future.

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