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    By C. P. on 13/May/2020 :

    Title : New seeds test
    Comment : Good start for the season !

    By P. D. on 07/May/2020 :

    Title : en attente
    Comment : peu etre pour se matin j attend facteur commender le 27/04/20

    By M. B. on 04/May/2020 :

    Title : North thunder fuck
    Comment : Germination lente mais tout est sorti ! Plus qu'a attendre ! Site serieux !

    By E. G. on 28/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Null
    Comment : Service client rien de bien je comande le mercredi il me dise que la livraison se fera sous 5a7 jours ouvre, je paille un supplement de moins de 10€ afin que ups me livre dans les plus bref delais et je n’ai pour l’instant rien racue merci 95€ de comande

    By S. V. on 27/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Bonne levée
    Comment : Livraison rapide, bonne levée plus qu'a attendre

    By L. M. on 27/Apr/2020 :

    Title : North Thunderfuck
    Comment : Perfect!

    By L. F. on 27/Apr/2020 :

    Title : verry good
    Comment : verry good

    By D. B. on 23/Apr/2020 :

    Title : INcroyable
    Comment : Très très bonne variété !

    By D. S. on 21/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Favourite strain
    Comment : Good yield and lovely colour

    By G. S. on 21/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Amazing
    Comment : Just perfect!

    By J. S. on 18/Apr/2020 :

    Title : best taste
    Comment : I love this model:)

    By L. S. on 16/Apr/2020 :

    Title : Good Grow
    Comment : Nice taste

    By S. A. on 31/Mar/2020 :

    Title : RB
    Comment : All three seeds sprouted. Good growth

    By T. S. on 26/Mar/2020 :

    Title : very good!!!
    Comment : germin.a. all seeds strong and helthy.. fast ship

    By J. P. on 24/Mar/2020 :

    Title : Extra small seed never opened
    Comment : This one was for the wife, but she'll have to wait because RQS quality shines through again. Had to question if this was even a valid seed it was so small when I checked the packet. But after sitting in ph6 water moistened unbleached tissue it has failed to even split. Chalk this up to RQS usual standard. Dissatisfied.

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