The portal to the cannabis dimension opens for just three days annually; the beautiful city of Barcelona has been the gateway since 2002. This March 10th, 11th & 12th, make sure you get sucked into this marijuana vortex. Spannabis 2017 is coming.

This year the Fira de Cornellá will become the great pyramid of cannabis in Barcelona, with over 200 exhibitor stands and the World Cannabis Conference taking place in L'Auditori de Cornellà, featuring a diverse range of speakers and seating for 800.

Exploring all the various stands and exhibits from the world’s leading cannabis businesses will feel like wandering in weed wonderland. The Royal Queen Seeds stand is not to be missed and every top-shelf ganja company from nutrients firms to grow room equipment specialists will be at Spannabis.

SPANNABIS BARCELONA 2017 TRADE FAIR cannabisLive music and thousands of happy high like-minded folks make for a fun festival atmosphere. Next generation cannabis gadgets and gizmos of every kind will mesmerise. Old school stoner favourites like bongs and shisha’s abound.

However, if you favour high-tech methods for getting high, the phenomenal array of vaporisers and exotic dabbing rigs will be a real treat.

Spannabis 2017 is the cannabis extravaganza you owe it to yourself to attend. Here are some highlights to check out at Spannabis and fun stuff to do in Barcelona to complete the 420 experience.


Spannabis 2017 is expected to have over 30,000 visitors and it’s the perfect cannabis fair for the World Cannabis Conference to reach the most marijuana users, especially at such a key turning point for the legalisation movement in Spain right now.

If you fancy a break from the exhibit circuit or you wish to learn more about weed and immerse yourself in a particular aspect of cannabis culture, you must check out the World Cannabis Conference at some stage on Friday or Saturday.

The program of presentations is jam-packed and rather than being the typical boring academic oriented lectures, the material and the speakers themselves are a diverse and fascinating combination of cannabis activists and experts.

Throughout the day on Friday speakers will be dropping knowledge on topics ranging from the legal status of cannabis in Spain to the relationship between cannabis and human consciousness, plus there are some really cool talks on cannabis and sex too.

On Friday evening at 19:40 a tribute to the late great legendary Strain Hunter Franco Loja will honour his contributions to cannabis culture. This will be followed by the Spannabis Champions Cup with the awards for the dankest stash in all of Spain in a variety of deliciously sticky icky categories from flowers to concentrates.


Saturday is the final day, that the L'Auditori de Cornellà will host the World Cannabis Conference, so make sure to pay a visit if you haven’t already. There’s some latest cannabis information, debate and discussion on all things cannabis with an international flavour.

All Saturday afternoon a fresh ensemble of speakers will take you on a journey through time from the history of cannabis culture all the way to the contemporary Spanish cannabis clubs and medical cannabis research. Plus, guest speakers from the US will be sharing their experiences and insights of the US legal cannabis model in action.

If you can manage to tear yourself away from your favourite cannabis stand or the food court to attend the cannabis conference you won’t be disappointed rather you’ll be illuminated.

Spannabis munchies, by the way, are a far higher standard cuisine than on offer at the typical festival; no semi-cooked hot dogs here. There’s food to suit every palate, fast food, wok dishes, and health food. Naturally, there’s a fine selection of delicious edible cannabis infused confectionary and nibbles to be found too.

spannabis stand royal queen seeds SUNDAY MARCH 12TH: SOAK UP THE GOOD VIBES AND PAY US A VISIT

There is so much to see and do at Spannabis, that even if it ran for a month you probably couldn’t squeeze in absolutely everything. Sunday is the final day of Spannabis and your last chance to soak up the last of the good vibrations at the best cannabis fair.

Before you depart for home make sure to stop by at the Royal Queen Seeds store in Barcelona. After a strong dose of Spannabis, you will have quite a few new cannabis cultivation ideas and be in need of some fresh beans. Stock up for the growing season or snag a souvenir as a memento. It’s the perfect end to the ultimate weed weekend.


Right now we are offering 2 lucky winners the chance to win flights and accommodation for you and a buddy to Barcelona with three day passes to Spannabis included of course.

It gets even better, we will give you the royal treatment with airport pick up, that will whisk you to the Royal Queen Seeds store for outfitting with a cool welcome gift pack and then it’s time to hit Spannabis.

The clock is ticking on our Spannabis Things raffle, so make sure to have your entry in before midnight 26/2/17. Get to the Royal Queens Seeds Facebook page ASAP to enter. Prize winners will be announced 28/2/17. See you at Spannabis!


Spannabis is probably the greatest marijuana fest in the world and keeps growing bigger and greener every year like the Hulk. Spannabis 2017 will smash all the previous attendance records, all the top canna-businesses, ganjapreneurs, growers, and smokers will be turned loose for three whole days March 9/10/11 and maybe you and a friend too.

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