The German Federal Administrative Court has just made a landmark decision, ruling in favour of a medical patient wanting to grow his own marijuana at home. It is a decision that could open up the floodgates and allow people in a similar situation to follow suit.

The patient in question is 52-year-old Michael F., who suffers from multiple sclerosis, a condition that has been shown to benefit from cannabis use. He has been fighting his legal case to grow his own supply since 2000, a good 16 years! During this time, he has faced multiple rejections and even a raid on his house that saw his supply at the time confiscated – although he was later acquitted of any criminal action, with the police even being forced to return his confiscated weed.

Medical cannabis is obtainable in Germany for patients suffering certain ailments – if they are willing to pay for it themselves. However, Michael could not afford to pay the 15€/g required to keep himself medicated. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and grew his own.


While the news that Michael can now grow his own supply and treat his ailment without fear of legal ramification is excellent for him, it is also excellent for the people of Germany as a whole, as the ruling sets a precedent. Anyone in a similar situation should be able to take their case to court and get a similar ruling. While it is likely an expensive avenue to pursue, it undermines the current unjust laws. As more people gain legal right to grow their own, it puts mounting pressure on law makers to make a change.

The ruling has come from the highest court in Germany, meaning it cannot be appealed or overturned. It may not be long before we start seeing the chains of prohibition begin to crumble, and the rights of people in need met.

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