This is a problem faced with indoor plants only. If you have an outdoor grow operation and feel your cannabis plants are suffering from light burn, forget it! You'll probably want to look into other conditions that can show similar symptoms. The sun is too far out to damage your outdoor plants. Cannabis has existed for longer than the human race. It has developed well enough to handle the sun's heat and light.

Light burn will only happen to an outdoor plant in a specific situation. It might happen if you grew it in the shade and just now transferred it into the light. In cases like this, the plant won't be used to the heat and light and will eventually die.


There is a certain amount of light that is healthy for a plant to take. Too much of that and it can be extremely dangerous. It doesn't really matter how good something is for you, too much of it might actually kill. Light burn happens to a cannabis plant when it's too close to the light. It can also happen if the temperature in the room is too high. It tends to be a problem most commonly found in rooms with high-power LEDs and HPS lights.

This can damage your plant to the point where the buds will have close to no cannabinoids in them. And unless you're growing cannabis for the hemp, you'll be throwing away an entire harvest if you don't deal correctly with this problem. And the first step into dealing with it correctly, is knowing how to identify it happening in your plants.

Visual clues are definitely what you'll be looking for. Cannabis plants will show light excess by displaying a change in colour in the affected areas. This stress causes the plant's leaves to turn yellow and the buds to turn white. It might look similar to some nutrient deficiencies, if you've ever experienced one. It will especially look like the plant is facing a lack of nitrogen. But these two conditions can be easily distinguished.

A nitrogen deficiency will remove the nutrients from the lower, older leaves and take them to the newer ones on top. Light burn doesn't work the same way. It will display yellow leaves at the top, where the foliage is closer to the light. You can use this as the single aspect to distinguish both problems. Also, with a nutrient deficiency, the plant will let go of unhealthy leaves on its own, but not with light burn.

Cannabis Burned With Light


The first thing you should do is move your plants a bit further away from the lights. This can either be done by moving the plants or by moving the lights, if you have the space. Take into consideration the most affected areas of each plant when choosing a new location for them. You can also remove some of your lights. If you have these well organized, it shouldn't hurt your plants to remove a few bulbs.

If reducing the light or moving the plant isn't an option, you can always low stress train your plants. This is a technique for obtaining more yields, where you try to keep the plant's branches all at the same height. As the stem gets taller, it should be bent sideways and kept in that position with an external aid.

Try decreasing the temperature of the room too. Do this very slowly and always keep the temperature consistent. The plant will need time to adjust. Any change you'll need to make to a plant's environment or medium needs to be done carefully and patiently. It won't matter how well you water and feed your plants, if you don't take proper care of the environment, the plant will die.

Burned Bud Cannabis


Solving a light burn is not very easy nor is there 100% success rate on the simple methods we gave you. The best way to solve this issue is before it actually happens. Make sure you read the information that comes with your light. Understand every single recommendation given by the manufacturer. Only take the liberty of not following an instruction if you're absolutely sure of what you're doing.

It will also be important that you keep your plant 100% healthy. If you have everything under control after noticing a light burn, you'll have more time to move your plant and more chances of it recovering.

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