No doubt the German cannabis market will be described in many ways. One fact, however, will dominate all others. Federal reform has taken place. It was not Martin Luther but the sitting government who nailed the writing on the wall. This sea change represents a real revolution. That said, this is Germany. Reform is going to be organised.

The federal government realises what a touchpoint issue cannabis reform really is. Much like Mexico, the federal court system has acknowledged access to cheap cannabis is a constitutional right. The German government needs to step up to the plate or get out of the way. And cannabis is a touchpoint where it can win. Easily. There is not a single federal politician in Germany right now against cannabis reform. The delay and waiting is finally over.

Cannabis Regulation German Government


Facts first. The German government has admitted cannabis has medical efficacy. This means they are going to punt the question to public health agencies. Any doctor can write a prescription as of now. And that Rx can be filled in any licensed pharmacy.

Just don't expect a rush by doctors to begin prescribing.

The reason? The process is still complex. It is unclear if patients will still be required to visit prescribing doctors monthly. Doctors still have to comply with German prescription and pharmacy regulations. The insurance compensation fund is currently being established. There are many moving pieces to all of this. The government is well aware of the same.

As a result, a rather unique program appears to be underway. The government is moving on all fronts to engage patients and doctors. That includes several creative outreach campaigns by Bpharm. This is the regulating agency under which cannabis falls. Offers for legit jobs, including to drug dealers, in an effort to find patients have been underway since February. They are also looking for doctors to train other doctors.

So far, it does not appear as if the government has roped in patients themselves in such organisational efforts. However, that is probably going to change. In a land, if not continent, where needle exchanges are still common place this is an obvious first route.

Predictably, the focus right now is still kind of the “addict” front, but this too will begin to change. The ability to get up to 5 ounces (or about 125 grams) of raw bud flower a month for the price of 10 euros will bring the vast majority of patients into the legalisation path. Most sick people do not want to deal with larger scale home cannabis cultivation. It is time-consuming. It is expensive. And it takes an expertise that most people do not want to rely on to produce their medication.

Educational Processes German Government Cannabis


Despite stereotypes to the contrary, Germans do have a sense of humour. They are also very keen on “educational” processes. Expect to see formal growing internships established here sooner rather than later. The German workforce still maintains a structured path to certain kinds of employment. There are many kinds of opportunities in this workplace that appeal to just about everything German. The science is one of them. Technological processing is another. High-tech machine processing is the kind of thing Germans aspire to.

They also have a functional health system that they are proud of. If Germans can integrate this drug into their lives as a way to help save money on sick people, they are going to.

Once the Germans have decided to do something, in other words, they want to make sure that everyone is committed to the same. This can reach heights that Auslanders can find a bit strange. For example, to promote public health and hygiene, the German government produced a website for Syrian refugees educating them about safe sex (in three languages). Expect the same directness on cannabis.

That means that informed, easy to understand “how-tos” geared towards the German medical market will be in high demand.

There is a huge market for this kind of thing here. German culture is perfectly suited to accept the plant, if the right introduction is given. Beyond the more modern stigma, a little green magical herb fits well with German folklore. It is a miracle plant. A Brothers Grimm story come true.

There are few things more German than cannabis. Beer, bread and bratwurst move over. The Big Green C is coming nach Deutschland.


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