By Luke Sholl

This is an introduction to Cannabis in Belize and a comprehensive guide for traveling cannabis users. We intend to show you pertinent particulars like local cannabis availability, pricing, quality, strains, and cannabis legislation. These differ from country-to-country, so we want you to be armed with sufficient knowledge to make your trip a success.

The price of cannabis in Belize

For pricing purposes, $2 BZE is equal to $1 US. Prices for cannabis in Belize run about. $5 US/$10 BZE per each 1/8 ounce and up to $15 US/$30 BZE for a full quarter of a pound. You can also get a few grams for $5 to $10 BZE/$5 US. Bargaining is also a definite possibility since Belize is considered to be a poorer country. Also, when you ask around about buying cannabis and the question arises as to how much you want, be sure to answer with a dollar amount, not the weight. For example, $20 worth rather than 1/4 ounce. That way, you’ll be more likely to get more for the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

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