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Decriminalization of small amounts used for personal use has occurred in the Australian Capitol Territory, the Northern Territory, and South Australia, keeping with Australia's harm-minimization strategy on drug use.

Cannabis in Australia

A combination of 5.8 million Australians who have tried cannabis and 1 million individuals who have used marijuana in the past year, makes cannabis the most prevalent illegal substance in the country. Its use is more popular among 20-30 year olds than any other age group. Use of cannabis often trails off as a person enters their late twenties and early thirties.

Though small amounts of cannabis have been decriminalized in one state and two territories, cultivation, sale, consumption, and distribution remain illegal. The push for legalizing the use of medical marijuana is a hot-button issue. People like Tony Bower provide relief to hundreds of people including children suffering from epilepsy with tincture derived from cannabis. The end result is legal, but Bower must break the law to manufacture this medicine. Bower is facing several charges under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act of 1985. His crops are regularly seized and destroyed by authorities even though Bower has approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to grow cannabis. Research done found that out of 87 trials only nine had negative results. Their conclusion was that cannabis is no cure all, but it is a viable option for patients who have had little to no success with conventional methods that are often harmful to your body.
Blue Cheese Cannabis

The price of cannabis in Australia

Cannabis that is grown hydroponically can be found for A$300-$320 an ounce. Bush cannabis (cannabis grown outdoors) averages A$200-$229 for an ounce. The price for a gram is typically A$20-$35 throughout Australia. Marijuana in rural communities can jump above average. In outlying communities in the Northern Territories prices average A$50-$100 per gram.

The quality of cannabis from Australia

In their 2009 Drug Trends Bulletin, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre asked participants to rate the purity and potency of cannabis. Hydroponic setups were rated very potent and of high quality. Due to the many variables at play with outdoor cultivation, bush weed was considered to be less potent and of a lower quality. Individuals who participated were either daily or near daily cannabis users.

Cannabis strains from Australia

Very little cannabis is imported into the country, and locally grown weed is readily available. The country's climate is ideal for outdoor cultivation, and both hydroponic and bush grown cannabis are common throughout all states and territories. Australian Blue is a popular Australian strain. This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Blue Haze and Australian Duck. The smoke with this bud is an almost psychedelic, uplifting high.

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