Several of the North American strains of marijuana that have been bred from the 80s and 90s come from the states of Oregon and California. These states have recently become more friendly to the ganja smoker, with both states allowing the smoking of pot for medicinal use. Along with these relaxed soft drug laws came stronger strains of marijuana, mainly for medicinal use, though they are no stranger to the recreational users pallet. With successful crossbreeding of several Thai species of both indica and sativa varieties, a new class of pot was cultivated, bearing the best attributes of each cross strain. Two of the most popular varieties were Blueberry and Northern Lights. Continued cross pollination of the two resulted in the creation of marijuana that bears the world renowned heavy high and fruity flavor characterized by Blueberry varieties in general and the Blue Mystic hybrid in particular. Blue Mystic carries the tasty blueberry flavor along with the relaxing anti-anxiety properties that make the strain one of the best known in both the medicinal and recreational use arenas.

The family tree of Blue Mystic can be traced back to two of the most popular breeds of pot know, Northern Lights and Blueberry, which creates a hybrid of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. The combination of these well know varieties offers the best of both worlds, with the flavor and high yield provided by the Blueberry, and the hearty and heavy high produced by Northern Lights.

Another one of the favorite characteristics of the Blue Mystic strain is its quick grow features. It can be grown to full smoke able maturity in less than 3 months, flowering to maturity in about 7-9 weeks. While the plant does not like to be grown to extreme heights, usually topping out at around 80-120 centimeter tall, crop volume can be easily increased by encouraging horizontal bushing with trimming and spreading. The average Blue Mistic plant will produce anywhere from 55-65 grams of good quality reefer. It is a warmth temperamental breed, needing more warmth than some other varieties. It can be found flourishing in any area of the world indoors, under heated conditions, as well as growing successfully outdoors in warmer climates such as the Mediterranean or California. Northern Europe and other less than conducive outdoor climates have had less success with outdoor growing and it is recommended, that if you live in these areas, to grow indoors or choose a different strain. The quality of smoke produced by Blue Mystic is of such high quality however, that growing indoors is preferable to having to choose a less potent variety.

Blue Mystic Review from Royal Queen Seeds on Vimeo.
Blue Mystic is very easy to spot, as its hue is a light to dark blue, with occasional hints of grey. The color of the plant is consistent whether newly harvested or dried. It is highly encouraged to allow the plant to fully dry before smoking, as to allow the THC crystals to completely mature and bead up, and to allow the highest concentration of THC to become oil absorbed and not become reallocated withing the stem and loose leaves of the plant, allowing the oils full potency to reside in the buds of the finished product, as well as to allow complete inhalation of the same, especially when used in a vaporizer or pipe.

The properties of the Mistic Blue strain allow it to be used in medicinal situation as a cure for anxiety and sleeplessness. The immediate result of smoking Ble Mistic is that of lifting restlessness with a drowsy effect oncoming after approximately 45 minutes to an hour. It is know to be extremely potent, and driving and/or operation of heavy machinery is not recommended under the influence of its use. Frequently users have reported the inability (or at least the lack of willingness) to remain active, often called being "locked down". The high is heavy, though pleasurable, not to be confused with the actual incapacitating effect that is descriptive of heavy drug use. Some have gone as far as to describe the taste of Blue Mistic as comparable with drinking a glass of blueberry juice, or a glass of fruity wine. It is easier on the throat and allows for easier inhalation than lower quality marijuana types, and is a great selection for those who do not like the heavy smoke quality that often comes with comparable high quality strains such as diesel varieties or Indica only strains.

Blue Mystic is a feminized strain, meaning that the seeds produce only female plants, which is of great comfort to those that grow it for personal or commercial use. Male plants often need to be removed to disallow pollination of the crops, as the pollination and breeding of plants within the crop often lead to crop failure due to the drop in THC that breeding produces. Feminized strains allow a grower to cultivate female only crops, allowing for full THC potency and reduced horticultural needs.

Blue Mystic Feminized Cannabis Seeds

While the typical blueberry smell and taste are a mainstay of this strains namesake, often, if allowed to remain in the growth and flowering stages for slightly longer than usual, the robustness of these attributes will fade slightly. In return, a heavier and stronger high is produced. Often people mistake the strength of smell and taste as an indicator of the strength of the plants intoxicating or healing properties, while the exact opposite may actually be true.

Blue Mystic is quickly becoming one of the favorite smokes in all genres of pot culture. It carries the medicinal qualities that are eagerly sought after in the medical community as well as the high potency and quality high that is often exemplified as bar none when compared to most other commercial or custom grown strains used to seek pleasure. It is easy to grow, especially considering the lack of height that is usually characteristic of other blends. It produces a quality yield of high potency smoke in almost unattended conditions, and an extremely virile horizontal growing capacity with short harvesting cycles. Clones for beginning your own garden are easy to find, but for best care and growth conditioning, growing from seed is recommended. Many of the larger seed banks carry the variety for reasonable prices. Royal Queen Seeds, one of the more reputable seed banks worldwide carry an ongoing variety of seed packages with prices for three high quality seeds lower than the price of one clone elsewhere.

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Around the mountains and hills of Oregon and California, a crew of connoisseur cannabis breeders were working on some new strains, which would eventually lay the foundations for the North American marijuana varieties that are around today.


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