By Marguerite Arnold

2017 has come and gone. We here at Royal Queen Seeds would like to wish you season’s greetings. And all the best for the year to come. Here are the “high”lights of 2017!


Reform has continued to blossom everywhere this year.

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- Internationally, Uruguay and Canada lead the recreational movement. Next year, national recreational reform will kick in by summer in Canada. And that is expected to have a ripple effect globally.

- In the US, California leads the pack. The state had $2 billion in sales of medical marijuana this year. Next will be the rec market, set to launch right at the start of 2018. Ready, steady, go!

- On the medical front, Germany and Mexico led the seven countries that passed legalization laws this year. Germany kicked off the conversation in early January. Domestic cultivation will happen sometime between now and 2019.

- From a policy perspective, it is also clear that the entire conversation is moving forward too. A new World Health Organisation Report shows that CBD isn't addictive or dangerous. The World Anti-Doping Agency also issued a statement saying CBD is suitable for athletes. Look for major developments in this space over the next few years.


We continue to introduce the hottest strains and coolest merch!

What strains? Check out Royal Gorilla. Couch glue of the highest quality!

Royal Cookies has also taken Europe by storm. Enjoy the best of California genetics shipped conveniently to your European door!

On the merchandising front, we added these must-have items. Like our pocket curing box. Keep your stash in perfect conditions even on the go!

Also check out our selection of vapes!

Those who grow at home also know that companion planting is a hot topic again. What comes around, comes back. Get all the tools you need to give your cannabis cultivation the best possible home to thrive!


It’s also easier to find us offline! We’ve opened a second shop in Amsterdam and two more in Barcelona.


We have joined cannabis enthusiasts, professionals and connoisseurs at cannabis events around the world! This includes:

- Canapa Mundi – Rome
- Spannabis – Barcelona
- Indica Sativa – Bologna
- Mary Jane – Berlin
- Cannabizz – Varsovia
- Product Earth – Birmingham
- Cultiva Expo – Vienna
- Canapa In Mostra – Naples
- Cannafest – Prague…..and of course….
- Expoweed – Chile


2018 will also be a great year for weed. Look for more reform here in Europe on the legislative front. Combine that with new breakthroughs in canna-research. Here at RQS you can count on us to bring you the best new strains and CBD products!

Thanks for your patronage. And as always, keep on growing.

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