Tip 1: Always Grow from Seeds and Not From Clones

The drawbacks of starting with clones can prove to make the entire growing experience a wasted effort. Clones will incorporate any diseases, pests, and genetic weaknesses of the mother plant into your crop.

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Also, clones shipped through the mail will arrive in a state of shock, adding two to three weeks to your growing process, if the plants survive. It could be argued that the time lost in recovery equals the time to sprout your own seeds and grow them to the same stage as mail-order plants.

Tip 2: Make Sure You Plant Feminized Seeds

Many growers have started their crops with the best of intentions along with conscientious preparation and planning - only to discover that they wind up with a crop of male plants because they planted seeds that were uncertain. All Royal Queen seeds are feminized, with a bounty of testimonials to verify the fine quality and female plants that our seeds produce. Don’t waste your time on uncertain seeds.

Tip 3: Make sure you Have Enough Space with Adequate Light and Air Ventilation

If you are growing your crop indoors, take the time to prepare your space. The grow-space must be sealed to prevent aroma and light escaping, threatening your security, and at the same time provide ventilation and ample light for your crop.

marijuana plants grow in a tent

Tip 4: Start with a Good Soil

A fine-quality organic soil will supply all of the nutrients that your plants need. A well-prepared soil should need no amendments, or only very little towards the end of the crop's growth cycle.

Tip 5: Don't use Fertilizers and Boosters

Over feeding your cannabis plants can lead to root burn, producing damaged leaves and a weakened plant that cannot process light properly. This is why experienced growers take the time to prepare their soil in advance.

Tip 6: Always Germinate with an Easy Start for Best Results

It is wise to start your precious seeds in a controlled environment. Planting each seed in a small seed-starter pot of about two inches allows the grower to start as many seeds as they desire in a minimal amount of space and maintain control of their baby-crop's environment. The pots must maintain even moisture and warmth to sprout.
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Tip 7: Make Sure your Water and Soil have the Correct pH

Cannabis plants prosper with a slight to moderately acidic pH that ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. Aim to water the plants with water of about 6.0 pH. Be sure to monitor your pH regularly, as the pH will change as the plants metabolize the nutrients.

Tip 8: Prepare Your Guerrilla Spot on Time

Soil preparation in a wild environment is best started in the Autumn before the planned season of growth as the winter rain and snow will assist with the soil's metabolism of any amendments you add to the soil. Retest the soil before planting to determine if any further amending is necessary.

Tip 9: Harvest your Plant at the Right Time

The buds are fully matured when the white hair-like pistils have turned rust-red or brown. Some growers harvest a few buds as they mature through their various stages to determine their favorite outcome. White pistils will garner more of a "head high," and the effect becomes more "stony" as the THC in the buds matures.
marijuana harvest


Tip 10: Cure Your Dried Buds for Optimal Flavor

As the cannabis cures, the sugar and chlorophyll contents change to bring out a more mellow taste. The longer you cure the buds the more mellow the resulting taste.



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