By Luke Sholl

If you laid out every tool needed to cultivate cannabis, which one would you rate most important? Often overlooked, bud trimming scissors are one of the most crucial pieces of kit in the weed grower’s toolbox. After all, how can you harvest your cannabis plants without them?

However, it's not enough to simply own a decent pair of trimming scissors; you need to look after them too. With that in mind, this guide will cover all the ways you can keep bud trimming scissors in prime condition. Not only will your trimming scissors glisten, but they'll slice through leaves, stems, and unwanted plant material like a hot knife through butter.

Why Cleaning Weed Trimming Scissors Is Important

A good workman never blames their tools, but if you've seen the hack job a blunt pair of trimming scissors does to buds—you'll think twice about not cleaning them.

The resin from leaves, buds, and stems is unbelievably sticky, and can quickly gum up trimming scissors. And, even if you do manage to finish the job, some growers get so excited by the prospect of smoking their freshly grown buds that they leave their scissors covered in resin to become next to useless in a cupboard or drawer. That's not a huge issue at the time, but what about the following harvest?

Cleaning your trimming scissors keeps cuts clean and accurate, which, when you’re trimming buds you've spent months looking after, is crucial. You don't want to end up cutting chunks out of your prized buds, missing loads of leaves, or, worse still, cross-contaminating your next grow.

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What Are the Differences Between Scissors and Pruning Shears?

Both trimming scissors and pruning shears play an essential role in cannabis cultivation, but subtle differences exist between them.

  • Trimming Scissors

Trimming scissors are designed with razor-sharp precision in mind. The blades are typically curved, culminating in a sharp point. The curved blades fit snugly against the buds' round edges to create a uniform shape.

By using the apex of the blades, growers can remove sugar leaves buried deep inside the buds without damaging the flower itself.

Trimming Scissors
  • Pruning Shears

You'll notice an immediate difference in the design of pruning shears compared to trimming scissors. The curved blades are instead flat, and, rather than PVC handles, there's a plastic grip with a tactile thumb ring. The smaller blades are still as precise, but the design of pruning shears allows for lots of faster cuts—perfect when you're pruning several plants.

Pruning Shears

5 Ways To Clean Your Cannabis Trimming Scissors

A standard cleaning approach won't cut it because of the thick cannabis resin at play. Below are five ways you can ensure your trimming scissors stay clean and in fantastic condition.

1. Freezing

Post-harvest, trimming scissors will look like something out of a cannabis apocalypse movie.

To clean the bulk of the debris, place the blades in the freezer for 24 hours. The sub-zero temperatures will freeze the sticky resin; then, with a knife or scalpel, scrape the trimming scissor blades to remove the resin, but don't throw it away!

Leftover resin, or scissor hash as it's more commonly known, is an excellent way of adding a little more kick to your next joint. Simply add the scissor hash to dried flower and enjoy.


2. Rubbing Alcohol

High-grade alcohol is one of the best cleaners around, and a welcome addition to any cannabis grower’s arsenal. Aside from cleaning vaporizers and other smoking tools, it does a fantastic job of removing resin from sticky scissors.

You'll need a sturdy cloth and some elbow grease, but with repeated rubbing the blades should start to glisten. If you do have any stubborn spots or a nasty buildup, soak the blades in rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes before cleaning.

Rubbing Alcohol

3. White Vinegar

Considering most people have white vinegar in their cupboards, this is a fantastic option for budget-oriented growers. Use the same technique as you would with rubbing alcohol, repeatedly wiping till the blades are clean.

Be aware that white vinegar isn't as good at removing resin as proper cleaning products, so it might take a few rounds before your scissors are thoroughly clean.

White Vinegar

4. Citrus Remover

Another home remedy that works nearly as well as rubbing alcohol is citrus remover. If you combine equal parts baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl with natural citrus oil, the resulting liquid will make short work of sticky cannabis resin. Alternatively, you can take the super simple approach and rub the blades with citrus peel (the citrus oil is in the peel).

Citrus Remover

5. Cleaning Wipes

No mess, no fuss, and straightforward—cleaning wipes work exactly as described. A decent grow shop will sell cleaning wipes suitable for trimming scissors, but if you get stuck, try your local supermarket.

Cleaning Wipes

Cannabis Trimming Scissors Aftercare

Your cannabis is all trimmed up and your scissors are sparkling, thanks to the cleaning tips above. Surely all that's left is to sit back and wait for the next harvest? Well, not quite.

If you genuinely want your scissors to stay in the best condition possible, we recommend oiling them. Before storing in a cool, dark, and dry location, a light rubdown with machine oil will ensure they are ready to rock and roll come harvest time. Another top tip is alternating between two pairs of trimming scissors so you can limit the resin buildup and make cleaning easier.

They may not look like much, but trimming scissors can make or break a harvest, so treat them with care!

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