Out of all of the cannabis strains known to be around for your smoking pleasure, there is one name that stands tall above all others. It is known as Skunk, specifically Skunk #1. Widely considered to be the classic genetic strain for most of the decent smoke you will find when it comes to cannabis. It has purposely been bred from different strains of cannabis, Columbian, Mexican and Afghan strains have been combined to form an 85% Sativa and 25% Indica genetic outcome. Thought to be the first truly commercial hybrid cannabis strain to be stablized with disease and pest resistant qualities.

An ideal choice for those who know how negative an effect various pest and plant disease have on grows. Skunk #1 is known to have a quick flowering time of around 60 days on average and grows well in either hydroponic or organic soil mediums, but in general, the majority of cannabis connoisseurs prefer this strain to be organically soil grown to achieve a better taste. For those who enjoy the delicate art of growing cannabis themselves, they seem to think of Skunk #1 as the major influence for hundreds of the modern hybrids you will find available today. In fact, the strength and quality of this strain is so well known and enjoyed that the word alone, "skunk", is a general term for ganja, or cannabis.


The original Skunk #1 had a more skunk-like odor, as if a real skunk had just released its spray. But the majority of the skunk varieties you find today, have a very strong, high potency, sweet and stinky aroma, with light, almost citrus undertones. So, it is not a foul skunky stink, but more of the kind of aroma that you're drawn to, not pushed away from. For those who grow it, Skunk #1 is thought to be an easy grow. Skunk #1 tends to have more of a darker green color to the leaves from its Afghan ancestry and it is known to go through its flower cycle fast, with strong, hearty branches and stems to support the bud weight. It is also believed to have a natural block against mold growth on the plant, due to the high ratio of calyx to the leaf, which permits more air flow around the plant. More air flow, less chance for moisture to collect and form mold. Although others have debated this because at the last 6 weeks of flowering, skunk will tend to produce a higher flower to leaf ratio, which isn't as conducive to air flow but, it is very easy to manicure, or trim off excess leaf around the buds.

Those who grow, have often turned to feminized Skunk #1 strain seeds. A feminized seed, as the name implies, will produce a female plant. It is the females which produce the bud, which is what cannabis users smoke. Depending on the country you live in, you can actually order feminized Skunk #1 strain cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, which is a popular seed bank specializing in specific strains of cannabis. So, there is no need to waste time growing plants only to find out that they are males when it comes time to flower. A single male in the room can cause your females to produce a lot of seeds, instead of focussing their energy on the bud, or flowering. And for those who sell, a bag with a lot of seeds is not desired by customers. Seeds equals more weight, and you wanna have that weight in the bud, not from seeds.

From a medical marijuana perspective, Skunk #1 is considered to be the one strain that you look for when you need a long lasting, uplifting buzz, without that down in the couch, locked up, heavy feeling. Being that the Skunk #1 strain is mostly a Sativa, you will find it has more of a euphoric and energetic high, compared to something that is higher in the Indica strains, which tend to promote more of a sleepy feeling. So, patients who tend to suffer from prolonged pain, anxiety, depression and even migraines, to general stress, they tend to turn to Skunk #1 to ease their situation into a more pleasing one.

Skunk #1 Feminized cannabis weed seeds

As for the history of Skunk #1, there is some debate over the true origins of this exact strain. This can be expected from something that has been around for a long time, and also due to the classification in most countries for cannabis as being illegal, many drug raids have completely destroyed cannabis strains by burning the plants, so it is not exactly something you can research at your local library for a determined fact, so, there is a couple of different stories about its origins. This being said, the general consensus is that, Afghani, Columbian Gold and Acapulco Gold were combined to form the skunk strain back in the early 70's, in California. The end result being an easy, hearty grow with less chance of attracting pests and mold, while releasing a pleasant high with a favorable taste.

Many well known rappers also are in favor of skunk, in particular when it comes to smoking cannabis. Famous rap artist, The Notorious B.I.G, has a popular song titled "Juicy". This rap, specifically mentions smoking skunk, by name. "I smoke skunk with my peeps all day". Snoop Dogg, now known as Snoop Lion, also has skunk mentioned in his rap lyrics. His rap titled "Who Got Some Gansta Shit", at one point says "I sees the indo with skunk". The list is quite extensive of well known rappers who favor skunk, but suffice to say, rap is a creative art form that requires words to flow like water. And any artist, can tell you that smoking cannabis, especially Skunk #1, has a profound positive impact on ones creativity.

So, when it comes to smoking or growing, the majority who are experienced to know, prefer to go with Skunk #1.

Skunk #1 cannabis seeds

An absolute classic strain which laid the genetics for the majority of marijuana seeds around today. Originally, a mix of Colombian, Mexican and Afghan land races creating the 50% Sativa 50% Indica genetic that led to a new generation of cannabis.


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