By Steven Voser

It's true; dry ice hash is a popular and potent variety of hash that's super easy to make at home. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about dry ice hash, including step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

What Is Dry Ice Hash?

Indian charas, Nepalese temple ball, dry sift, and BHO—there's no shortage of different types of hash out there, with each variety offering its own unique texture, aroma, and flavour. Dry ice hash, like the name suggests, is made using dry ice and a process similar to that used to make bubble hash.

The resulting hash has a fine, powdery consistency similar to that of moist sand and can be easily pressed into nice blocks or rolled into balls for storage. Best of all, dry ice hash doesn't need to be cured—the solid carbon dioxide in the dry ice will ensure your hash tastes and smokes great from day one!


Types of Hash: Dry Ice vs Dry Sift

Dry ice hash and dry sift have one thing in common; they're both made by passing dry cannabis through sieves to separate trichomes from plant matter. However, they also have one major difference; the dry ice used to make hash quickly freezes the cannabis, making its trichomes very brittle, very quickly. Plus, the contact with pure CO₂ also speeds up the curing process, meaning you can enjoy dry ice hash immediately.

How Potent Is Dry Ice Hash?

The exact potency of your dry ice hash will depend on the potency of your weed and how well your hash is made. Some users report dry ice hash to be less potent than bubble hash or dry sift. However, like all forms of hash, dry ice hash contains concentrated cannabis resin which is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active compounds found in the cannabis plant, and thus capable of producing very strong, long-lasting effects.

Using Cannabis Bud vs Trim to Make Dry Ice Hash

Like other types of hash, dry ice hash can be made using either dry trim or bud. Obviously, hash made with high-grade flower will be notably stronger than that made with trim, as cannabis flowers naturally contain more trichomes than leaves, stems, and other parts of the plant. However, using trim to make hash is much better than simply throwing it in the trash.


Making Dry Ice Hash at Home

Making dry ice at home might seem daunting, but it's actually very simple. With good weed and some basic equipment, you can expect to harvest and smoke your very own homemade dry ice hash in no time. Here's how it's done.


  • Dry ice
  • Weed (trim or bud)
  • Bucket (where you'll mix your bud and dry ice together)
  • Micron bag (anywhere between 70–220u will work)
  • Large, clean surface (that you'll shake your kief onto)
  • Large, flat spatula (for collecting your kief)
  • Plastic zip-lock bags (for pressing your hash)
  • Gloves (to safely handle the dry ice)


  1. With appropriate gloves on, break up some dry ice and combine it with your weed in a large container. Mix the weed and ice together thoroughly, then let the mixture sit for 2–3 minutes to allow the weed to freeze completely.
  2. Pour the weed and dry ice mixture into a micron bag. Shake the bag over a clean, dry, and flat surface. The frozen trichomes will separate from the plant material as you shake the bag and autumn through the screen at the bottom to form kief.
  3. Continue to shake the bag for a few minutes or until you're happy with the amount of kief you've collected.
  4. Use a spatula to scrape the kief into a plastic zip-lock bag.
  5. Squeeze the kief inside the plastic bag to form a compressed hash ball or brick. This may take several minutes and some muscle, but it's well worth the effort! You'll know your hash is ready when it's well-compressed and hard.
  6. Enjoy.

Is Dry Ice Hash Safe to Make and Smoke?

Yes, dry ice hash is safe to both make and smoke. When making dry ice hash, do so in an open space with plenty of fresh air. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and will displace oxygen in an enclosed area, so be sure to handle it outdoors. Just make sure it's not too windy, or the kief you collect will blow away.

Smoking dry ice hash is also safe. Following the process described above, no dry ice will make it into your hash. And even if it did, it would just sublimate over time or when exposed to heat, so there's nothing to worry about. Dry ice is much safer than solvents used to make hash oil, for example.

Making Dry Ice Hash: FAQ

What micron bag works best for dry ice hash?
There's no golden rule for what micron bag to use when making dry ice hash. We generally recommend using 70–80u bags for fine, highly concentrated hash, 140–160u bags for mid-grade hash, and 200–220u bags for a mild hash that's less concentrated yet still aromatic and delicious. But feel free to experiment with different screen sizes to see what works for you. You can also pass your weed through numerous different screens from fine to coarse to produce different grades of hash.
How do you store dry ice hash?
Dry ice hash should be stored like regular hash or weed, namely away from heat, humidity, and light. We recommend wrapping your finished hash in cellophane and storing it in a glass container in a cool, dry, and dark place. Some smokers also like to keep their hash in a dedicated hash fridge.
How much dry ice should you use to make hash?
This depends on the amount of weed you're using. We recommend using at least 8 ounces (~227g) of dry ice for every ounce (~28g) of bud or trim.
What is the difference between dry ice and ice/bubble hash?
Bubble or ice water hash is made using water and ice, whereas dry ice hash uses only solid carbon dioxide (i.e. dry ice). Hence, dry ice hash doesn't need to be dried or cured, and can be enjoyed right after you make it.
What's better, dry ice or bubble hash?
Both are great! Bubble hash and dry ice hash both offer unique flavours, aromas, and textures. We recommend trying both to see what floats your boat.
Is it worth making dry ice hash with nugs/buds?
It depends! If you've been blessed with a particularly heavy harvest, turning your nugs into dry ice hash is a great way to have more variety in your stash. If your harvest is a little light or you simply prefer smoking bud, you can stick to using trim. Good-quality trim, after all, can still produce extremely fine hash.
What colour hash is the best?
The colour of your hash can tell you a lot about its strength. Highly concentrated hash should have a golden or tan colour, whereas green hash contains more plant matter. If you prefer a more concentrated product, look for golden or tan-coloured hash. Greenish hash, on the other hand, is great for when you want a lighter smoke.
What does fresh dry ice hash look like?
Freshly pressed dry ice hash should have a green to gold colour (depending on its potency) with a texture similar to moist, pressed sand. Hash that has been heated and pressed will take on a dark brown or black colour and feel notably harder.

Dry Ice Hash — Simple Hash to Make at Home

Making hash with dry ice produces great yields of high-quality, potent cannabis concentrate in very little time. Best of all, making and smoking dry ice hash at home is super safe—much safer than BHO or other hash oils, for example. Follow the steps in this article to make and enjoy your own homemade dry ice hash today.

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