By Luke Sumpter

Threats to the success and health of your cannabis crop include pests, and these do not only come in the form of insects. Although the company of animals is invaluable and they do indeed have so many positive aspects, your pets may at times pose a threat to your plants. Although it seems dreamy to imagine scenes of your dogs and cats wandering around your cannabis garden, in reality they may cause problems by digging up the roots of your plants and defecating on garden beds.


One of the issues that may occur in regard to your pet cat strolling around your cannabis plants is that they pee in the soil. Cat pee is high in both ammonia and nitrogen and this may cause burns to your valuable plants.

If this does occur, act quickly to dilute the urine with a good watering of the soil. In order to prevent this from happening, one method is to cover the soil around your plants with chicken wire. It appears that cats find the wire unpleasant to walk upon and therefore, it acts as a deterrent. Another option would be to erect a cat-proof fence around your crop that still lets in light, but keeps out felines. This will also help to stop your feline friends from munching on the leaves of your plants when they develop an appetite.

Cat excrement can also cause an issue in your cannabis garden. The poop is toxic to compost and may contain parasites, making it highly undesirable to have around plants that you plan on ingesting. To prevent this from occurring, be sure to keep your cat's litter tray clean to stop them from searching for an area near your plants to do their business.

cannabis cultivation cats and dogs


One of the main problems that might occur with dogs harassing your weed crop is that they get curious and start to dig up the soil. Dogs are natural diggers and the presence of cannabis plants won’t stop them from following their curiosity. What is fun and instinctual for your dogs may be the end of your cannabis plants, especially if root systems are substantially damaged. To prevent this from happening, train your dog not to enter your garden or provide another space where they can play around and be slightly destructive.


The potential havoc of pets around your weed does not stop when the growing process ends. Any weed products lying around the house that contain THC may pose a threat to the health of your pets. Although it may seem comical to see your pet high, if they manage to sneak into a stash of edibles and consume the lot, it can cause them massive discomfort.

If your pet has managed to devour a hefty amount of THC-laced goodies, they may seem drunk and sedated. This is due to the effect of cannabinoids on their central nervous system. However, other pets may be stimulated instead and start to display agitation, increased vocalisation and increased heart rate. Some cases of death have even been reported due to pet overdoses. Be sure to keep your stash locked away and securely hidden to prevent such an outcome. Although cannabis can be used as a medicine for pets and humans, it needs to be administered in measured and controlled dosages.

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