By Miguel Ordoñez

Like any story behind a good (or bad) tattoo, Southeast Asia inspires transformation. Cambodia, in particular, has become a destination to register introspective healing or some much needed rest and relaxation. Cambodia’s leniency on marijuana allows for a lovely sunset smoke session and the tastiest mind-numbing pizza on the planet.

Cannabis in Cambodia

Cambodia, although developing at a quick rate, is still raw and full of unfettered interference you’re likely to find in neighbouring countries or big cities. While still considered illegal, cannabis in Cambodia is viewed as a non-priority and non-issue by police enforcement. I had little concern while carrying or consuming during my stay. Obviously, discretion and responsible use must be the mode of operation for all smokers, but Cambodia is one of the more welcoming countries you’ll find. Quality can be a challenge, however. And, if you prefer, you can ingest our beloved medicine in pizza form. Establishments in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are abundant and actively solicit “extra ingredients” on their pies. Look for Happy Pizza signs and have a slice for me.
Skunk Cannabis

The Price of Cannabis in Cambodia

A convenience of Cambodia is the tuk tuk driver, whose job it is to transport you around in the ubiquitous humidity, in addition to keeping your stash well-stocked. Some drivers have better connections than others, naturally, but the price of bud stays steady. You can expect to receive near 1/4 ounce for $5-15, or $1 per gram or joint. Some baggies and joints may contain more tobacco than you’d prefer, but for the price, can you really complain? My advice is to buy from the pizza parlors, which generally have more consistently quality herb.

The Quality of Cannabis in Cambodia

Quality can be a relative term, and tokers with high standards or accustomed to the dankest of buds will find Cambodia a crapshoot. Of course, this can all be mitigated through the proper channels and right connections. As a first-time visitor, you can expect to roll the dice on any given purchase. While ditch weed - or shwag - is commonplace, it’s also easily avoidable once you establish yourself and find a local to lean on. I was fortunate enough to meet good people during my travels (hostels are your friend) who supplied me with reliable connects or contacts. Tuk tuk drivers are more likely to offer lower grade stuff, so keep that in mind.

Cannabis Strains from Cambodia

In Cambodia, homegrown reigns supreme. Many villages grow and distribute their local strains to the tourists visiting their native soil. As mentioned earlier, Cambodia is still very much a developing country. Their cultivation methods of cannabis may leave something to be desired. Comparing local strains to that of the Western world seems unfair, but Cambodia can still hold its own and surpass expectations of the highest weed aficionado. And coupled with it’s price label, the bargain is in the bud.

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