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  • The Threat Rats & Mice Pose To Cannabis

    Did you know that rats and mice are a serious threat to your cannabis crop? Even indoor weed growers are not immune to a nightmare infestation. Fear not, we've got the tricks and tactics you need t ...

  • Pairing Cannabis And Wine

    Thanks to terpenes and other substances, cannabis and wine share a beautiful complexity of smells and tastes. Pairing a fruity, earthy, or sour cannabis strain with the right red or white wine is b ...

  • Cannabis Trichomes Importance

    Everything you need to know about what makes your green sticky icky. Trichomes are the frost on your buds and the resin from which all your favourite Hash, BHO, Shatter and Wax are made. We zoom in ...

  • Spannabis Fair Barcelona 2017

    Spannabis is more than just a cannabis trade fair it has evolved to become it's very own temporary marijuana universe that occupies Barcelona annually for a long weekend before suddenly vaporising. ...

  • Medical Cannabis In Italy

    Medical cannabis in Italy is a multifaceted reality. Both Dutch Bedrocan products and the new "made in Italy" strain FM2 can be prescribed by doctors for a wide range of conditions. The army is gro ...

  • New Study: Sexual Functioning And Cannabis

    It's possible that sexual dysfunctions just met their cannabis savior. See here the new study on sexual healing.

  • How To Get Rid Of Slugs And Snails

    Have you noticed any slime trails in your garden recently? Or perhaps some strange holes on your weed leaves? If so, you might be facing an intrusion in the form of slugs and snails. Yet fear not, ...

  • Spannabis Things Raffle

    RQS wants you to get into the cannabis dimension. That's right, 2 lucky winners will get a free ride to Spannabis 2017 - along with a ticket for a friend!

  • Stoner Alert: Smoking Moldy Cannabis

    "Damn you! Damn you, you filthy mold!" You don't want to scream this barechested on your knees before a cannabis garden ravaged by mold. Weed mold is no joke for stoners and this article just might ...

  • Helpful Gadgets To Grow Cannabis

    Whether you are a passionate cannabis grower and want them for yourself or happen to be looking for a useful gift for someone else, check out these cool gadgets to grow cannabis! With the help of t ...

  • Avoid Mould While Curing Your Weed

    Your dank, resinous buds serve as a prime breeding ground for mould and mildew directly after harvest. It is of high importance to insure the integrity of your weed is maintained by drying and curi ...

  • Why Is Cannabis Stronger Today Than A Few Decades Ago?

    Imported kilo bricks of indiscriminate immature and seeded cannabis have been replaced by boutique grown high quality sinsemilla. What has changed in the past 30-50 years?

  • Is There A Link Between Cannabis Use And Gender Violence?

    Researchers conduct a nine-year long study about the effect cannabis use has on domestic violence in married couples, that brings unexpected results.

  • Getting To Know The Cannabis Calyx, Resinous To The Top

    Knowing what a calyx is and what parts the calyx is comprised of can provide the cannabis grower with tips and tools to help with a successful and easy harvest.

  • The Motley Crew Of Countries That Use Most Cannabis

    Who are the top cannabis users? How much cannabis is smoked in any single nation and across the world? Official data tell us, that a big amount of money is burned every day.

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