Lavender Royal Guardians

Lavender is an uplifting scent that calms the nerves, eases headaches and attracts beneficial critters to your marijuana patch. The rich fragrance is a stealthy smell in which to disguise the pungency of maturing cannabis.
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Companion plant Lavender. Lavender is a premium companion plant for your cannabis garden.


The breathtaking flower spears of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) will fill your garden with a scent prized by perfumers for its pheromone-like qualities. Aromatherapists appreciate it for its many medicinally active compounds. Civilisations of old cherished the lavender plant and used it for scented baths as was very popular during the Victorian era. Used in potpourris as a soporific. Tucked under pillows or in cupboards to deter moths and silverfish. Lavender has been used by prince and pauper alike for thousands of years.

An absolute guaranteed beneficial bug magnet the seductive bouquet of the pretty purple clusters attract several useful nectar and larvae feeding insects. Your plants will always be haloed with stoked bees. Fleas and ticks are repulsed by lavender and mice will go out of their way to avoid a lavender clump which is good news. Those little rodents can gnaw through your outer cambium and ring bark your precious girls. Crush a sprig of lavender in your palm and inhale deeply of the rich terpenes to alleviate headaches or calm anxiety. Rub on your clothes for smiling echoes all day.

Latin name Lavandula angustifolia
Type Perennial, schrub.
Height 30 - 45 cm
Harvest Natural – June; if pruned after harvest, 2nd – August bloom in Summer
Effect Strongly aromatic and distraction (purple flowers).
Climate Mediterranean , sunny, hot, protect from wind, warm season.
pH Prefers 6,5 to 7,5. Can grow between 6,1 and 8,5.
Soil Light, deep and not overly rich soil. Well-drained.
Germination 14 - 21 days / 10 - 16 °C
Spacing 45 - 60 cm
Seeds per gram 850 - 1300
Note Attract beneficient insects, repels pests. To continue vegetative growth, cut the stems 3-5 inches from the ground right before flowering.
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