Growing cannabis outdoors, as Mother Nature intended, is an extremely rewarding process. However, not everyone is fortune enough to live in a climate where the sun beats down all day and keeps the temperatures hot. Many growers have to contend with temperate climates, where heavy rain, strong winds, and cooler temperatures are common. Fortunately, there are cannabis strains that can be grown in such conditions, so we have put together a list of our hardiest, most resistant RQS strains to help you choose the best for your situation.


Somango XL is a cannabis strain we created to produce a classic, uplifting cerebral rush, without the risk of feeling tired or lethargic. Combining Somango x Critical 47, she also boasts an extreme resilience to adverse conditions, allowing her to contend with the less cannabis friendly weather seen in places like the UK or the Netherlands. She will grow up to 2m in height, with a production potential of 600g per plant in optimal conditions. Somango XL becomes ready for harvest towards the end of September.

Somango XL cannabis Colder Climates


Critical is a great all-rounder able to perform well in all aspects of growth. She is vigorous, resilient, strong, potent, and easy to grow. Most of all, she can deal with cooler temperatures, and her short flowering time allows her to finish before the frost starts setting in. Critical can grow up to 2.2m high and produce extremely generous yields of deeply relaxing bud. As she is a fast bloomer, she can be harvested at the end of September.

Critical cannabis Colder Climates


A descendant of White Widow S1, the Royal Queen Seeds White Widow is an award-winning Dutch classic that has maintained its notoriety and popularity through the decades. Being a Dutch favourite, she is also able to deal with the more temperamental nature of northern EU weather. Her bud induces a clean, clear-headed high that is both happy and euphoric. In terms of yields, White Widow can produce up to 600g per plant, reaching 1.9m in height. She finishes her flowering phase towards the end of October.

White Widow cannabis Colder Climates


Skunk XL is the result of an intensive breeding program specifically set up to create the best Skunk we possibly could. Through careful selection, we finally produced Skunk XL, a cannabis strain that exemplifies everything loved about Skunk – including its classic taste and high – combined with a high resilience and short flowering time that allow her to grow in the colder regions of the EU. She can grow up to 2m in height, yielding up to 675g per plant. Skunk XL becomes ready for harvest mid-October.

Skunk cannabis Colder Climates


Special Queen 1 is one of our original classics and has proved to be an extremely popular choice for many growers. She is the mix of Power Bud x Skunk, resulting in an easy to manage cannabis strain with an extremely long-lasting relaxing high. Not only does this make her ideal for first-time growers, but the low maintenance, combined with her short flowering time allows her to perform well in cooler regions of Europe. She should easily finish with enough time to beat the frost, resulting in ample yields of dank aromatic bud. Special Queen 1 finishes flowering in late September.

Special Queen cannabis Colder Climates

There is no getting around it; growing cannabis in the colder regions of Europe is hard. The sporadic sun and adverse conditions will test your cannabis to the limits, but with care, and the right strain in hand, it is possible to beat the odds, and enjoy a yield of some hard-won bud! These are the strains that will help you achieve it.



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