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  • Top Spotify Smoking Playlists + The Best Strains for Each

    Good music on its own can provide a unique, soul-satisfying experience. But adding cannabis into the mix easily takes things up a few notches. This article features some fantastic mood-based Spotif ...

  • Hemp Biofuel: Is This the Answer to Environmental Crisis?

    Is hemp biofuel the best solution to the world's environmental problems? Or is it all hype? This article should provide some answers to those questions.

  • The Top 10 Movies To Watch While High

    Tired of scrolling through Netflix and Amazon in the hope that you may, eventually, find a film you can enjoy? It's a curse we all know well. So make your way through this list (we assure you, they ...

  • Why Does CRC Make Better BHO?

    Colour remediation column (CRC) tech improves the BHO extraction process. This piece of kit goes one step further in removing solvent residues and plant constituents that make BHO look dark and tas ...

  • Jack Herer: A Look at the Hemperor's History and Legacy

    Jack Herer was one of the significant figures of the modern cannabis movement. This article looks back on the man's life and his contributions to the cannabis industry.

  • What's the Best Way To Clean Bud Trimming Scissors?

    If you've ever struggled to keep trimming scissors clean, you're not alone. Covered in layers of thick resin, traditional cleaners simply won't get it. Keep reading for five ways to keep your sciss ...

  • What's the Best Time of Day To Get High?

    Not sure when the best time to smoke is, or how you can use weed to your advantage throughout the day? Keep reading to find out the best times of the day to get high, and the impact on everyday act ...

  • The Best Weed Subreddits

    Stepping outside and getting high with friends is always fun. But sometimes you just feel like firing up a joint and opening a few internet tabs. When you're in the mood to browse, you need to chec ...

  • Get To Know the VapCap M 2020

    Let's take a look at the 2020 DynaVap M vaporizer, a new and improved version of the steadfast favourite. But what are its features, and is it worth buying? Find out more in our review below!

  • Top 10 Myths About Cannabis

    Cannabis remains an esoteric herb in the eyes of many people. Common myths keep the herb shrouded in mystery and prevent people from developing a true understanding of the plant. Join us as we debu ...

  • What Is Craft Cannabis?

    We all know about craft beer, but what exactly is craft cannabis? This article should provide answers to any questions you may have.

  • 8 of the Most Influential Women in the Cannabis Industry

    Activists, attorneys, scientists, and CEOs: these are the women leading cannabis into the future.

  • RQS Interviews — Jimi From Reggae Seeds: Creator of a CBD Legend

    Hi, I'm Jimi, Reggae Seeds founder and creator of the new wave of CBD that started with my strain Juanita la Lagrimosa. I have been involved in the world of cannabis growing and breeding for about ...

  • How To Avoid Greening Out on Cannabis

    No, you're not dying. You're just greening out. We know it feels horrible, but it'll be over before you know it. Lucky for you, we've outlined the best tips in the game to minimise the effects of a ...

  • What Is Cannabidivarin (CBDV)?

    When we talk about the compounds in cannabis, it's easy to get hung up on THC and CBD. They are, after all, the main constituents of the plant. However, there are hundreds of compounds in cannabis ...

  • 15 Hacks To Grind Weed Without a Grinder

    Grinders are a key piece of cannabis smoking equipment. They process buds down to a fine powder, making for a smooth and consistent smoke. Don't have a grinder in your kit? You can still process yo ...

  • Bad Cannabis Trip: What It Is and How To Prevent It

    Have you smoked too much weed? Maybe you went overboard on the edibles? Fear not. Every cannabis lover will experience a bad weed trip at some point. Although it sucks, you can do several things to ...

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