Pineapple Kush is an unusual strain that is best known for its lovely aroma. It can only be described as a combination of pineapple and caramel with undernotes of butter and honey. The end note carries just a hint of mint. This, however, does not accurately describe the heavenly experience of this plant.

Pineapple Kush is an Indica heavy blend made by crossing the pineapple strain with the Master Kush. It contains approximately 15 percent THC. The high that it provides it provides is very cerebral with a light body high. For many, this has been described as a melting sensation similar to other Indica-heavy blends.

Master Kush, also known as OG Kush, is one of the strongest strains of marijuana available today. Pineapple is a nice mellower that allows the offspring to keep much of the strength while having a sweet flavor and great smell that is difficult to parallel. In addition, the Kush flavor comes through at the end with the minty aftertaste.

Most often, this strain is one that is most often smoked. This is because the heady-quality of the high comes through best that way. For some, however, vaporizing this strain is also enjoyable. When vaporized, the effects are more of a total body high with the melting quality.

For many people, this strain has proven effective for illnesses such anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental illnesses. It also helps relieve stress. Insomnia is never a problem once Pineapple Kush is on board

In its vaporized form, it has been used to treat chronic pain causing conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and many others. In fact, many have compared the pain relief benefits to that of injectable morphine. The taste and smell that is so prominent in the smoked version quickly fades allowing users to simply enjoy the effects.

Pineapple Kush

All of our seeds are feminized. This means that we have done the dirty work for you. All of our seeds have been cloned specifically to be all flowering. Thus, all of your plants will have the bud you need.

A well maintained Pineapple Kush plan can grow up to 120 centimeters when grown inside. It can produce up to one half a kilogram per square meter. Outside, the growth is similar but the yield is per plant.

The bud that grows from this plant is large and thick. It is very a heavy, dense flower that is covered with tiny grains that look like brown sugar. When crushed down, a little bit goes a very long way.

Most people find that this plant does not have many negatives. However, for some, it can cause dry mouth, dry eyes or headache. Sleepiness, which is often seen as both a positive and a negative, can also occur.

If you are looking for a strain with a great smell and taste, look no further than Pineapple Kush. The relaxing head high and melting body high are often just what the doctor ordered no matter what your ailment. Enthusiasts will tell you, this is a strain not to be missed.

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One of the biggest selling points of this strain is its unique aroma and flavour. Pineapple Kush is sweet and tropical, yet also slightly minty. It’s exceptionally smooth and delivers a nice, balanced high within minutes.

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