By S. B. on 28/Jun/2022 :

    Title : SB
    Comment : Hallo, Habe mir dieses Set bestellt, da ich es mal ausprobieren wollte. Aufbau und Funktion, sehr einfach gestaltet aber tut seinen Zweck. Hatte 3 Samen, die nicht gekeimt haben aber das wird nicht an dem Starter Set gelegen haben. Die nächsten waren sofort am keimen. Also ich persönlich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.

    By D. I. on 26/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Forse sono stupido io
    Comment : Un seme su due è germogliato (forse uno non è germogliato per mia colpa).Per il resto tutto fila.PERFETTO

    By S. R. on 19/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Idee super schlechte lampe
    Comment : Das Häuschen ist super leider ist die Lampe nicht so gut, da diese die gesamte Feuchtigkeit abbekommt und somit irgendwann flackert und dann ausgeht, sollte überarbeitet werden. Der Rest ist in Ordnung😉

    By K. S. on 19/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Tinc
    Comment : Bought this one. Germinated 8 seeds in it. 7 sprouted in a week or so so pretty good.

    By D. M. on 15/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Didier
    Comment : Fonctionne très bien. Graines germées au bout de 4 jours. Faciles à transplanter avec le trou sous les godets

    By A. C. on 13/Jun/2022 :

    Title : My product
    Comment : Very happy with my purchase it’s helped me and saved me time . Thank you royal queen

    By D. D. on 12/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Achim
    Comment : Ich hatte ein Starter - Kit bestellt. Die Lampe funktioniert nicht richtig, sie geht immer wieder nach kurzer Zeit aus . Mein erster Versuch mit den mitgelieferten Samen ist misslungen. Keiner hat gekeimt. Die 4 Samen wurden ersetzt, das Starter - Kit nicht, obwohl das Problem mit der Lampe gemeldet hatte.

    By R. H. on 02/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Ruffy
    Comment : Mit diesem Easystart System sind alle Samen gekeimt, kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Top!

    By C. V. on 02/Jun/2022 :

    Title : Mady
    Comment : Le starter kit est parfait pour les débutants ! Très facile à utiliser !

    By T. J. on 25/May/2022 :

    Title : Średnie
    Comment : z 18 nasion wyrosło 8, warunki idealne, wilgotnosc na poziomie 70% temperatura 25C, nasiona z RQS

    By M. R. on 24/May/2022 :

    Title : Patron
    Comment : Best Starter Kit you can have!! If I would start again, I would definitly buy this starter kit again! I recommend everyone who want to start to buy this. It's an excellent choice!!

    By G. W. on 23/May/2022 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Fast Delivery 5 stars ***** thank you so much

    By C. B. on 16/May/2022 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Goed product! werkte perfect

    By S. S. on 16/May/2022 :

    Title : starter kid
    Comment : Good product, TOP.

    By J. M. on 11/May/2022 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Worked perfect for me, 100% germination rate.

    By O. M. on 08/May/2022 :

    Title : Top class product
    Comment : Your seeds are the best quality on the market, and for sure will represent the upper class many years from now to come.

    By A. H. on 08/May/2022 :

    Title : Germination station
    Comment : Excellent quality product , follow the instructions and you should have great success. For me normally 100% , worse case 80%.IMHO the best method I have tried, use a little rooting powder and happy days. Have bought a couple of these as they are soooo good. Can't find any comparable product anywhere else, I have stocked up on these.have to say RQs are a great company with well thought-out and produced tailored products . Fantastic supportive articles/blogs, great attitude values behaviours from these guys, always pleased and impressed with the many orders I have placed. Can't wait to visit the store on my next trip to Barca.

    By S. K. on 05/May/2022 :

    Title : Starter kit
    Comment : Szymon Pierwsze kiełki super😁😁😁😁👍👍

    By S. L. on 02/May/2022 :

    Title : Kit starter
    Comment : Fantastico..a distanza di anni lo uso ancora! 🤩😋❤️ Grazie Royal queen seeds

    By B. A. on 18/Apr/2022 :

    Title : Top top top
    Comment : Top Produkte Top

    By A. F. on 10/Apr/2022 :

    Title : Good to start
    Comment : It’s my first time using this product, but it’s very efficient!! I’m interested to represent you guys in Portugal.

    By S. V. on 05/Apr/2022 :

    Title : Perfect for a Starting Grower
    Comment : My partner suffers from chronic pain and the general physician cut her pain medecine so we looked for alternatives and these were absolutely amazing. All the seeds grow and there was no hassle

    By P. M. on 05/Apr/2022 :

    Title : Zygmunto
    Comment : All o.k the first sprouts spoke up after 3 days

    By D. B. on 27/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Mit dem AnzuchtHaus ging jeder Samen auf u konnte ohne Probleme umgepflanzt werden. Nur zu empfehlen

    By A. M. on 27/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Molto bene
    Comment : Il prodotto è molto valido, permette di far crescere in maniera ottimale la pianta. Unica nota, che secondo me ad un certo punto bisognerebbe svasarla, perchè il vaso a mio avviso dopo un po risulta piccolo. Era la mia prima volta e comunque sono rimasto soddisfatto.

    By M. D. on 21/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Max
    Comment : Parfait pour démarrer la germination. Super pratique et réutilisable avec des easy start! ;-)

    By F. S. on 11/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Magnifico
    Comment : Utile per tutti, ma specialmente per i novizi che si apprestano da poco e con poca esperienza alla germinazione. La possibilità di riutilizzo per germinazioni future ne fà un pezzo imprescindibile per ogni coltivatore.

    By A. H. on 02/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Awesome!
    Comment : Another world!

    By H. B. on 02/Mar/2022 :

    Title : Belge
    Comment : Habe ingesamt 11 samen angebaut und 10 davon sind gekeimt. Topp

    By R. R. on 21/Feb/2022 :

    Title : Kahha
    Comment : Taux de germination de 100% impeccable !

    By K. P. on 20/Feb/2022 :

    Title : biLs
    Comment : Super Kit pour commencer tout en douceur. De beaux rendements à la clé.

    By M. J. on 20/Feb/2022 :

    Title : Micha
    Comment : Für anfänger ein "must have* Habe das Set mit den mitgelieferten White Widow Automatics und mit Quick One Automatics getestet, leider haben von 6 Samen 3 versagt, zwei Quick One eine White Widow sind leider nichts geworden, der rest wächst top!!! Bis jetzt bin ich zufrieden mit RQS, wen die Ausfallquote noch niedriger wäre, bzw. auf Keim-ausfälle von Kunden eingegangen wird, dann würde ich sagen TOP!! Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen

    By T. H. on 15/Feb/2022 :

    Title : Idätys
    Comment : All seeds germinated in 4 days so very good!

    By S. I. on 15/Feb/2022 :

    Title : Bueno para principiantes
    Comment : Lo adquirí para autos, es una buena idea para iniciarse aunque yo no obtuve el resultado esperado, tuve un problema con el kit, me puse en contacto con el equipo de royal y lo solucionaron satisfactoriamente.

    By N. B. on 06/Feb/2022 :

    Title : good product
    Comment : Good producot

    By I. B. on 30/Jan/2022 :

    Title : pantak
    Comment : rapide facile cool

    By G. C. on 17/Jan/2022 :

    Title : Tutto perfetto
    Comment : 5 stelle gia solo per la confezione. Ottimo per principianti... Non ho ancora piantato i semi ma sono fiducioso😁

    By D. K. on 14/Jan/2022 :

    Title : Dima
    Comment : Toooop 🔥🔥🍁🍁

    By T. S. on 12/Jan/2022 :

    Title : Frau
    Comment : Macht das Keimen zum Kinderspiel Definitiv zu empfehlen

    By D. K. on 02/Jan/2022 :

    Title : pretty good
    Comment : Try and see it for urself

    By G. B. on 11/Dec/2021 :

    Title : Perfect for start
    Comment : All seeds start until now …!!!

    By M. A. on 11/Dec/2021 :

    Title : New order
    Comment : I am so happy with this buying!!! I can't wait to receive and can re-evaluate my first purchase!

    By S. L. on 06/Dec/2021 :

    Title : B.F.L
    Comment : Mon avis est plutôt mitigé. En ayant respecté à la lettre les consignes, 13/20 des graines ont germé. J'aurai aimé un meilleur résultat.

    By T. H. on 03/Dec/2021 :

    Title : Tim
    Comment : Ist ganz okay aber extrem klein

    By F. F. on 24/Nov/2021 :

    Title : OTTIMO
    Comment : Ottimo kit per principianti. facile da montare e usare, risultati perfetti e in breve tempo.

    By N. G. on 22/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Nil
    Comment : Mes graines on germer en seulement 3 jours Simple a monter sans problème.

    By K. G. on 18/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Cool
    Comment : This is very nice to experiment with. So far I killed 2. Getting them to sprout is super easy like this. Just take it easy on watering.

    By R. B. on 18/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Molto valido
    Comment : Perfetto per i principianti, molto facile da usare e molto funzionale. do 4 stelle e non 5 perchè su 9 semi "solo" 7 sono germogliati ma per il resto tutto ok

    By F. T. on 10/Nov/2021 :

    Title : Ottimo per iniziare.
    Comment : Veramente tutto facile. Basta un po' di acqua e un po' di tempo libero. Consigliatissimo Top need only few warm water ..

    By J. B. on 01/Nov/2021 :

    Title : jc
    Comment : commande bien reçu et bien emballé merci

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