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RQS Grindtainer

Enabling users to grind and store their marijuana with complete discretion, the Grindtainer from RQS provides unrivaled functionality. Traditional grinders are not only messy but distinct in their intention. With the Grindtainer, cannabis buds can be stored securely throughout the day, before being ground when needed. When discretion is paramount, a Grindtainer is an essential purchase.
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RQS - Grindtainer - Optimal Design Meets Practicality And Discretion

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Initially designed for patients to store medication that needed to be crushed before being ingested, the use case for Grindtainer in the cannabis industry is an obvious one. Fresh, aromatic cannabis buds can be stored in the air-tight central compartment, kept securely through the day in a bag or pocket without the odor leaking out and alerting others to its presence. When you are ready to grind your buds, they are placed in the bottom section of the container, with the middle now functioning as a grinder.

Translucent plastic construction prevents the flavour of buds from being spoiled. The grinder spikes at the bottom of the Grindtainer are also premium-grade plastic, preventing buds from sticking when ground. Pour out the cannabis you need, while any remaining can be left for your next session. The practicality of this device does not require any bells and whistles; instead, the complete discretion and functionality offered by the Grindtainer from RQS speak for itself.

    By D. M. on 26/Jan/2024 :

    Title : Best grinder ive tried in a long time ! 5 stars !
    Comment : Great design grinds the weed up perfectly. plus some where to put whole bud and ground up stuff . This needs to be made out of metal ASAP. Hands down you wont be disappointed with this grinder either that or i just dont get out much always stuck in the garden! lol

    By A. K. on 24/Jul/2023 :

    Title : Schön
    Comment : Ich liebe das durchsichtige Rosa. Der Grinder ist cool, nicht jeder hat ihn.

    By C. S. on 03/Jul/2023 :

    Title : really feat
    Comment : quite useful, simple and cheap practical option

    By E. D. on 19/May/2022 :

    Title : Un peu trop gros mais efficace
    Comment : Fait le job le plastique a l'air assez solide

    By W. L. on 02/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Pratique
    Comment : Un peux gros pour la poche comparés au grinder traditionels et la fermeture est difficile à appréhender mais bien pratique pour mixer avec son fond profond et on peux facilement régler le mix.

    By A. R. on 19/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Rico
    Comment : Ok

    By A. L. on 27/Jul/2020 :

    Title : Grindtainer rqs
    Comment : 👍

    By F. C. on 24/Jul/2020 :

    Title : niente male
    Comment : pratico e funzionale

    By E. C. on 03/Jul/2020 :

    Title : Best grinder bought!
    Comment : Best grinder/pot ever bought!

    By R. O. on 16/Jun/2020 :

    Title : shmokin
    Comment : very handy

    By A. M. on 17/Jan/2020 :

    Title : ottimo
    Comment : utilissimo comodo e fichissimo ;)

    By M. W. on 25/Nov/2019 :

    Title : Nice quality
    Comment : Nice looking grinder

    By D. M. on 05/Nov/2019 :

    Title : Sweet little thing
    Comment : Makes a nice little present but it's a bit overpriced for what it is. Nice to see new solid colors though!

    By M. L. on 30/Oct/2019 :

    Title : Perfect
    Comment : Very good grinder

    By A. C. on 21/Aug/2019 :

    Title : Great grinder
    Comment : Best grinder I’ve had and I’ve had a few in my time !!! Rqs all day

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