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  • Growing Cannabis As Fast As Possible: What You Need To Know

    Use these tips to speed up your grow at any point between germination and harvest. Learn practical ways to make things go faster in either veg or flowering, inside or out. Don't be surprised if one ...

  • How To Water Cannabis Plants: A Comprehensive Guide

    Your cannabis plants need water in order to thrive. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But did you know that incorrect watering is the most common reason for plant health issues? Learn how and when t ...

  • Growing Medical Marijuana

    Growing your own medical marijuana will help you become more self-sufficient. You won't have to depend on local dispensaries or sellers to get the exact weed that works best for you. On top of that ...

  • Understanding Cannabis Yield per Plant

    You may buy cannabis seeds with the promise of achieving 550g/plant, only to find some stunted little micro-buds come harvest time. What's going on? There are many factors that influence the final ...

  • How to Grow Weed on a Budget: Indoors and Outdoors

    Growing cannabis doesn't have to be a huge investment. With the right tips, you can reduce the cost of your cannabis grow room/garden and grow top-shelf weed on a budget.

  • Hydroponics Cannabis Growing Guide

    Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants, specifically cannabis in this case, in a solution of water and nutrients.

  • The Art Of Cannabis Trellising

    No matter how or where you grow your ganja, you could be harvesting more weed if you used a trellis. If you want to crop the marijuana mother lode, you need to know about the art of trellising.

  • Why and How To Clean Your Cannabis Grow Room

    Keeping your grow room clean, tidy, and sanitised will help you prevent pests, diseases, and mould from having their way with your cannabis plants. A daily cleaning regimen, good airflow and filter ...

  • Rockwool For Hydroponic Marijuana Growing

    Rockwool is a great medium for growing marijuana. You can take your strain of choice through the whole cannabis life cycle with rockwool. Growers of all levels, using a variety of hydroponic setups ...

  • How To Spot And Handle Cannabis Foxtails

    While foxtailing itself bears no harmful effects, it may indicate that your bud is going through a beating, and could lose a good amount of potency in the process. If it is happening in an unnatura ...

  • How To Use CO₂ To Increase Cannabis Yields

    Plants need light, water, and CO₂ to conduct photosynthesis and create energy. By boosting levels of light and CO₂, you can increase the productivity of this process, leading to faster growth, bigg ...

  • How To Use Silica To Grow Healthier Cannabis Plants

    Silica and cannabis have a weird relationship. Weed plants don't require silica to survive, but if you grant them access to the chemical, it'll improve almost everything about their physiology. It ...

  • What Cannabis Leaves Can Tell You

    Every cannabis cultivator needs to be able to interpret the signals their weed leaves send out. If you can quickly understand and treat your plant’s health issues, you'll enjoy robust plants and fa ...

  • Molasses: An Excellent Supplement for Cannabis Plants

    What if we told you that something in your kitchen cupboard could seriously benefit your cannabis plants? Molasses is a type of syrup packed with key minerals that help weed plants thrive and achie ...

  • How To Save Money By Reusing Old Soil

    Reusing old soil can save you money and improve overall soil quality. Rehabilitating old soil for reuse when potting or potting-on can have a number of advantages. Learn more about them here.

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