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To make it easier, we have put together a feminized cannabis seed starter kit, taking out all of the guesswork and ensuring you seeds have the best chance possible at a healthy start in life.

The RQS Feminized Seed Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get your cannabis seeds off to the strongest start possible

This includes a tray of Easy Start seedling pots, a packet of Bacto – a beneficial bacteria mix to encourage strong growth, a Propagator Pro, perlite, a thermometer, and lighting. To top it all off, we also include 3 RQS Critical cannabis seeds, ensuring you have a little something extra to add to your stash.

Using the RQS Feminized Seed Start Kit couldn’t be easier, simply follow these steps
  1. Remove your seeds from their seed packet. Be sure not to push them out the back of the seed packet, as this may damage them. Instead, peel off the packet seal.
  2. Take the tray of Easy Start pots out of their packet. You will find your sachet of Bacto under the packet’s sticker.
  3. Measure out a litre of lukewarm water in a plastic tub – around 22-25 degrees Celsius – and add in the sachet of Bacto. Mix it up and allow it to dissolve. This will activate the microbial life in the Bacto, which will help your seedlings grow a strong root base.
  4. Place your tray of easy start pots in the water, allowing them to soak some of it up.
  5. While they are soaking, get your propagator ready by putting a layer of perlite into it.
  6. Now take your tray of Easy Start pots and place them on the perlite. As the water leaves the pots, it will leave both the perlite and the pots moist.
  7. Enlarge each if the hole of each pot to roughly 5-10 mm deep, this will ensure your cannabis seeds have all the room they need. A screwdriver or pencil can be good for this.
  8. Place a seed in each hole. It doesn’t matter which way they go up; your seeds will naturally head towards the light as the root burrows down.
  9. Now put the wall and lid of the propagator in place. Place the propagator somewhere indoors where it won’t get knocked or moved. It will now take 1-6 days for your seeds to germinate. It is essential you leave the seeds to do their thing. It may be hard to resist, but opening the lid and checking up on them can disturb the humidity and heat levels, damaging the chances of germination.
  10. Once the seedlings have reached 2-3cm high, you can cut up the pots into individual squares, ready to be transplanted into their main growing medium.


    By L. P. on 06/Feb/2017 :

    Title : Ottimo. Da affiancare a una lampada
    Comment : Ottimo kit con 3 semi critical. Se non trovate la bustina dei batteri sta incollata all interno della busta. I led interni non fanno quasi nulla, dopo una settimana ancora non spuntava nulla. È da un giorno che ho messo una lampada standard da 40W e nel giro di 6 ore sono spuntate 7 su 9.

    By Q. B. on 06/Feb/2017 :

    Title : Quick and easy
    Comment : This is THE best way to start if you don't have a green thumb

    By N. T. on 30/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Nice and work !
    Comment : Has worked at 100%,, if you don't have a green thumb: buy it.

    By G. P. on 20/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Ottimo per principianti
    Comment : Tutto spiegato molto bene e c'è tutto il necessario per la germinazione. Si evitano gli errori dei principianti e non si sprecano semi

    By S. Z. on 03/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Alles gut
    Comment : Die Box ist einfach aufzubauen. Die Erde ist schon eingefüllt und man muss nur noch die Samen zugeben und das Licht einschalten. Top!

    By O. H. on 31/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Good for beginners
    Comment : My first little propagator and I was kind of suprised by the little size, but it did its job and 9 out of 10 came out strong. recommended.

    By K. K. on 26/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Top
    Comment : Hab es schon öfters gekauft . Ein sehr gutes Produkt.

    By N. S. on 25/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Perfetto
    Comment : Ho piantato tre semi e nonostante mi fossi dimenticato i batteri nel giro di una settimana avevano germogliato tutti e tre ed erano pronti per essere trapiantati. Il funzionamento è facile e non si rischia di sciupare la giovane piantina come con altri metodi.

    By S. T. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By J. S. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By C. D. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By P. V. on 23/May/2016 :

    Title : Practical, pratique.
    Comment : Has worked at 100%, 20/20 seeds. Firsts seeds germinated in only one day, the last one in more than a week. Don't wait until every seeds is ready to transplant or the stem of the first ones could become excessively long and thin. To be completely honest, I'm not sure the kit is necessary for most of the people, however, it's reusable, practical and the result is guaranteed at nearly 100%. If you're afraid to do wrong, if you don't have a green thumb: buy it. A fonctionné à 100%, 20 graines sur 20. Les premières graines ont germé en seulement un jour, la dernière en plus d'une semaine. N'attendez pas que toutes les graines soient prêtes pour replanter ou les tiges des premières pourraient devenir excessivement longues et fine. Pour être complètement honnête, je ne suis pas sûr que ce kit soit nécessaire pour la majorité des gens, cependant, c'est réutilisable, pratique et le résultat est garanti à presque 100%. Si vous avez peur de mal faire, si vous n'avez pas la main verte : achetez.

    By M. G. on 13/May/2016 :

    Title : Utilissima
    Comment : Ottimo prodotto per curare questa importantissima fase. Già dopo tre giorni i primi 6 giorni sono nati 12 semi su 15. Non esitate.

    By M. M. on 09/May/2016 :

    Title : top
    Comment : works very well, thanks

    By L. S. on 09/Mar/2016 :

    Title : cooll
    Comment : works!

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