• Damiana


This subtropical herb adds a delicious minty flavour to any herbal blend. Damiana also offers a relaxing sensation that adds a nice layer to the effects of your favourite herb. Dried damiana also makes a refreshing tea, and some people choose to use alcohol to make extracts and tinctures.
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Damiana: Get to know the magic of Turnera diffusa

Damiana serves is a 100% organic product that offers a minty, spicy, and hickory-like taste that works well alongside the terpene profile of most strains.

What Is Damiana?

Damiana, also known as Turnera diffusa, stems from the subtropical climates of southern Texas, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Human cultures used the plant well before records began. Nowadays, it often shows up infused into alcoholic beverages, where it creates an appealing yellow hue.

Alongside passionflower, damiana exists as a member of the Passifloraceae family. It possesses pretty yellow flowers. These attractive blossoms eventually produce a fig-like fruit.

Effects of Damiana

Damiana has a long history of use. Indigenous people of its native range used the herb for a variety of traditional reasons. Today, people mostly use damiana for its relaxing effects. There is a wide range of ways to enjoy this herb. Some people mix it with alcohol to make damiana extract, whereas others prepare to consume damiana in the form of a soul-warming and refreshing damiana tea.

How To Use Damiana

Our damiana comes in the form of dried plant material. It works great and can be used in multiple ways. It contains pleasant phytochemicals that go hand in hand with terpenes.

Our organic damiana removes the risk of conventionally grown plants that may contain pesticide residues.

Each bag contains 50g of dried damiana.

    By M. F. on 18/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Love it !!
    Comment : Tastes good , and perfect to use instead of tobacco. It blends perfectly with Cannabis, enhancing some terpenes and a fresh flavour !! Love it to smoke it just like rolling cigarettes. (it might be a bit hard for some users to get used to it) Thanks to this product and cannabis i no longer smoke the harsh chemicals of the tobacco companies. Much love RQS !!

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