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Krush Grinder

The Krush Grinder series features three distinct designs, each brandishing the RQS logo. Decide which design suits you best.
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  • Black Eco Kube
  • Green Kube 2.0
  • Walnut Madera
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Krush Grinders: Stylish And Efficient

Royal Queen Seeds and Krush have collaborated to produce a set of three gorgeous grinders.

These single-chambered grinders will stand out in your collection. Unlike most grinders, the Krush series isn't entirely round. The chamber is circular, but the grips are square with rounded edges. The shape fits beautifully in the hand; the fingers wrap naturally around the corners, which makes it comfortable to operate. The teeth make each turn exceptionally smooth. They're crafted from anodized aluminium and fluff weed as they grind it. This effect renders your bud to an ideal size and shape for rolling joints. One end of the grinder also features a dish that can be used to store processed flowers.

The collaboration has produced three unique designs:

The ECO Kube Black is the discreet option. The moody design features a dark black body, which is contrasted by a gold foil Royal Queens Seeds logo. Represent our seed bank with style!

  •      - Forged Anodized Aluminium Core
  •      - 54 x 54 x 36mm
  •      - 130 grams

The Kube Madera Set is one for the nature lovers. The stunning natural design features a black walnut shell that encompasses the aluminium core. The Royal Queen Seeds logo has been expertly laser burned into the surface of the grinder. The set also contains a black walnut rolling tray that features a raised platform and recovery canals to capture spilled weed.

  •      - Walnut Wood Anodized Aluminium Core
  •      - 57 x 57 x 37
  •      - 90 grams

The Forest Green Kube boasts a striking colour and will bring some serious style to your rolling table. It shreds cannabis flowers with the utmost efficiency. The teeth make easy work of even the densest buds.

  •      - 6063 anodized aluminum
  •      - 55 x 55 x 35mm
  •      - 170 grams
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