What Is CBD E-liquid, aka CBD Vape Oil?

What Is CBD E-liquid, aka CBD Vape Oil?


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the major cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. Unlike its cousin THC, it is not intoxicating, making it an interesting candidate for numerous preclinical trials. This rigorous testing is looking hard at the link between ingesting CBD-rich oils and various bodily functions that could support well-being. 

The most efficient[1] way to deliver CBD is via the pulmonary system. That's the lungs. Vaping is the healthiest and most efficient way of getting CBD into the lungs and bloodstream. Smoking is dangerous as it exposes these delicate organs to pyrolytic toxic compounds that result from combustion. Eating is can be less efficient, as depending on the product, it leads to erratic absorption and limited bio-availability. Injecting oil is very dangerous and just seems plain silly. Vaping ensures quick onset of action and high bio-availability.

ImportantIt is worth saying right here that heavy oil CBD oils that you ingest are not suitable for vaporizing - such as CBD oils with an olive oil base. CBD E-liquids are custom made for vaping; do not use a CBD oil designed to be ingested.


Vaporizing was originally conceived as a method of more effectively administering traditional Chinese herbal medicines. The method gained public notice when it became the primary technology behind e-cigarettes. They have been successfully used as quitting aid by many thousands of people.

Without wanting to get too sciency, vaporizers generally use an element to heat an e-liquid that contains the compound of choice. These elements can be made from a number of materials, but they all create a substantial amount of heat. The liquid is heated to the point it vaporizes - avoiding combustion and the nasties that go with it. The e-liquid can be soaked in absorbent wadding with a pressure activated element as with pre-made single use vape pens and cigs. It can also be held in larger quantities in reservoirs of larger refillable units, pens, decks and mods.

Jump to 2017, and vaping is quickly becoming phenomena. Not just as a method of delivering CBD in a clinical setting, but recreationally for cannabis and its psychoactive extracts. Vaping is being more sympathetically embraced by communities at large, whereas smoking of any kind is universally frowned upon. The vaper who doesn't want to get high is catered to also with an endless variety of tastes and mouth-feels in vaping fluids.


E-liquids are most often vegetable glycerol (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). With either of these as a base, they are combined with other elements to give flavour and texture or specialised effects. Terpenes and other essential oils can be added for aromatherapy, or nicotine for those trying to give up cigarettes.

Neither vegetable glycerol or propylene glycol are considered harmful, and both have been used extensively in the food industry as humectants or sweeteners. VG is preferred to alcohol when preserving tinctures and extracts. PG is used as a carrier ingredient in injectable drugs. Both are clear, odourless and semi-viscous fluids that can be heated, vaporized and safely inhaled.



Vaping and CBD go hand in hand. It combines a compound that works most efficiently when absorbed through the lungs with a technology that targets the lungs in a seemingly benign and friendly way.

When selecting CBD liquids at home, there are a number of things to take into consideration.


The liquid should be clear when held up to the light and not murky. As with other liquids, we put in our bodies treat cloudy liquid with suspicion. A quality CBD vaping liquid will be thoroughly combined and uniform throughout. If there has been separation and the oil is floating on top, then it will cause havoc with your vaporizer and completely disrupt the even availability of CBD.


Be sure that the CBD oil was extracted without using harmful solvents.

Royal Queen Seeds CBD E-liquid is extracted using a proprietary process. Beginning with a crude carbon dioxide paste, the result is a wax, chlorophyll and fat-free liquid. This method leaves beneficial terpenes intact and unaltered and guarantees a sweet cannabis flavour. Our e-liquids also contain consistent amounts of CBD, with verified third-party test results available - so you know what you are getting.


Ethics play a major role when considering the purchase of many products. CBD is the same. Provenance of the things you will put into your body is critical. With a little bit of web surfing, you can find out if your CBD oil was sourced from organic or sustainable cannabis crops. What farming practices were used? What manufacturing processes? What extraction methods? All play a part in whether you will be exposing yourself to pesticides, micro-organisms and poisons.


Manufacturers should happily be able to supply you with reputable third-party laboratory testing of their product. If no such testing is available, move on and keep searching. Claims on labels need to be backed up with legitimate lab results. Consumer vigilance will filter out the unscrupulous and the scammers, so do a bit of research and give feedback. Reviews are powerful consumer tools in the digital age.

CBD or cannabidiol is the cannabinoid in which medical professionals and patients have the most interest. Vaping is proving to be the most efficient method of CBD delivery. Your informed decision will guarantee only the highest quality product that suits your needs and works to maximum benefit.

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