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    By L. L. on 15/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Mr
    Comment : Good plant

    By S. G. on 09/Apr/2021 :

    Title : mr
    Comment : extra germination au top, sauf les cadeaux cest pas ca !???

    By K. R. on 09/Apr/2021 :

    Title : cannabis
    Comment : Finally I have found my new hobby, Thanks to your wonderful products and your cool website.

    By B. D. on 09/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Knert
    Comment : Great plant, big harvest!

    By J. L. on 06/Apr/2021 :

    Title : Royal
    Comment : N’a pas germé... d’abord essayer dans le coton et après en terre mais rien à l’horizon

    By C. A. on 30/Mar/2021 :

    Title : timal
    Comment : Mon colis est arrivé discret et avec des cadeaux. Top. Merci RQS

    By E. B. on 29/Mar/2021 :

    Title : de momento estupendo
    Comment : ya han germinado y el la maceta en solo una semana...

    By R. M. on 24/Mar/2021 :

    Title : re-bougth because i like it
    Comment : i re-bougth this seed. Till now one of my favoyrites.

    By L. P. on 05/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Waidmann
    Comment : hat etwas gedauert, aber ist ja auch grad corona. jetzt mal schauen wie sie werden. hab aber kein schlechtes gefühl dabei

    By J. T. on 01/Mar/2021 :

    Title : the best
    Comment : excelent smoke

    By P. A. on 01/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Haze
    Comment : Ottimo prodotto Veloci nella spedizione

    By J. C. on 01/Mar/2021 :

    Title : Jul
    Comment : Cette variété est très bonne je recommande

    By I. N. on 25/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Trust, it's. legit! 5/5 on service and quality!
    Comment : I bought 5 seeds of haze auto and all 5 germinated quite well. Even the free northern lights auto seed I received germinated, so 6/6 on the germination just waiting for the grow now. The packaging was very discreet and the order arrived faster than expected.

    By B. N. on 18/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Looking nice
    Comment : 2 out of 3 germinated quick, growing healthy, smelling good, looking nice - looking forward!

    By J. V. on 15/Feb/2021 :

    Title : J vaessens
    Comment : Goeie service alleen nog afwachten wat de zaden doen..

    By R. D. on 15/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Ok
    Comment : Spedizione rapida e merce bene imballata,consigliato!

    By R. T. on 08/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Royal Haze Automatic FTW.
    Comment : I was pleasantly surprised how short period of flowering (just two weeks) still guaranteed for a grade A, strong af high. States of euphoria come in abrupt, strong bursts of soul cleansing goodness. Buds were a bit small, though that can be just my bad gardening.

    By A. F. on 01/Feb/2021 :

    Title : Frau
    Comment : Alles Fine!

    By R. M. on 26/Jan/2021 :

    Title : miki
    Comment : super

    By M. D. on 25/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Growing a treat
    Comment : Bought three of these and all three sprouted and are growing well. Can't wait to try!

    By I. R. on 21/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Royal Haze
    Comment : Simply amazing! The taste is fresh and fruicy

    By B. D. on 18/Jan/2021 :

    Title : Senteur et gout à tomber par terre
    Comment : La variété référence quand on touche au plaisir de la bouche et du nez !

    By M. R. on 11/Jan/2021 :

    Title : quick and beautifull
    Comment : love this plant so far. went from seed to plant like that, and the flowring process is amazing so far!

    By P. P. on 29/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Outdoor
    Comment : Very easy to grow , strong sativa, good effects. I don’t like automatic , but royal haze was great

    By A. N. on 28/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Looking forward
    Comment : Had them before, really like them, so going for another grow with those delicious beauties!

    By A. B. on 28/Dec/2020 :

    Comment : IT WAS AMAZING, first of all, it was mindblowing and the reputasion seams a slighty miss direkted. but anyway. they grow wide and medium tall, sticklings was diffecullt throw the Royal green flame. how ever i find them a good Worth of try for the casual budds whit hart and minde of a gardniers Power Tools too! 4,5 bucks Worth while! take cear and marry christmas to you all.

    By K. U. on 07/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Wery good strain
    Comment : Pekny model. Pekne palice a vune. Doporucuji

    By G. P. on 03/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Autoflowering first try
    Comment : Quick delivery and good package. I will let you now how it goes in every step of culture.

    By J. C. on 02/Dec/2020 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Mon colis est arrivé discret et avec des cadeaux. Top. Merci RQS.

    By R. C. on 27/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Roms
    Comment : Envoie discret rapide et soigné. Ras, tout pousse bien 👍

    By J. P. on 24/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Awesome
    Comment : Lovely strain, lemony og sweet

    By K. F. on 24/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Royal haze auto
    Comment : Germination 2 sur 3 sinon livraison impeccable

    By K. D. on 23/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Graines femelle
    Comment : Ça pousse bro. Very good

    By M. S. on 09/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Super Qualität
    Comment : Hochwertiges Produkt !

    By M. A. on 04/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Ottimo acquisto
    Comment : Arrivati nel tempo richiesto, coltivati e hanno avuto un ottima riuscita. Grazie Royal Queen Seed

    By M. B. on 02/Nov/2020 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Nice

    By M. Ü. on 02/Nov/2020 :

    Title : great
    Comment : super samen 3/3 gekeimt!!:) sehr einfache handhabung für anfänger jeder der wert auf eine rasche ernte legt ist bei dem strain royal haze bestens beraten

    By M. N. on 30/Oct/2020 :

    Title : OK
    Comment : Gekeimt haben 2 von 3. Unter Sanlight LED wurden sie knapp über einem halben Meter hoch und brachten zusammen ca. 50 Gramm auf die Waage. Vom Keimen bis zur Ernte genau 10 Wochen. Indoor anzubauen ist jedoch echt Sünde aufgrund 18/6. Wirkung aktiv entspannt :)

    By E. C. on 30/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Royal yaze automatic
    Comment : Very good fast germinate 3-3 good product

    By A. L. on 27/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Das melhores que tive.
    Comment : Esta é sem dúvida muito boa. Recomendo.

    By L. M. on 27/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Satisfy
    Comment : Until now I'm satisfied with the progress of this strain

    By E. D. on 23/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Deemm
    Comment : 23 van 25 zaatjes zijn uitgekomen.

    By W. J. on 20/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Haze royal
    Comment : Best autoflower very big plantss

    By G. L. on 19/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Superb !!
    Comment : Another great product from Royal queen seeds

    By S. A. on 16/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Royal Haze Automatic
    Comment : grew 3 plants of these. Smoking it right now. Cured for only a week and im getting that nice taste, no throat aches, taste just fills my mouth with flavours! citrus, chokolate. mmmm. have yet to taste the 2 other phenotypes, they are drying.Cant wait to taste all three after 2 weeks of cure guys. Go and buy this plant. Gonna try Green Gelato next. But will probably grow atleast one of these again in the next grow. ----------"

    By P. D. on 08/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Ottima
    Comment : Tutto perfetto

    By M. P. on 06/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Michael
    Comment : 5 von 5 gekeimt und nach 12 Wochen Outdoor ein anständiger Ertrag. Sehr guter Geschmack und angenehmes High. Ich bin zufrieden.

    By P. C. on 05/Oct/2020 :

    Title : Pcotell
    Comment : Good product.

    By L. M. on 30/Sep/2020 :

    Title : Mooie plantjes
    Comment : Goede zaden allemaal uitgekomen eentje had een moeilijke start en bleef ver achter op de andere maar goed dat kan gebeuren de rest staat er nog mooi bij zo’n 50 cm groot beginnen nou de eerste bloeiharen te krijgen Dus nog even geduld tot ze helemaal klaar zijn

    By F. Z. on 29/Sep/2020 :

    Title : Royal Haze Auto
    Comment : Graines arrivées rapidement, germées rapidement

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