By Luke Sumpter

We’re thrilled to announce that Royal Queen Seeds has won the award for Best Seed Bank at Spannabis—once again!

The event, which took place in Barcelona on March 15th–17th, put us up against some of the toughest competition around, but we emerged victorious. Attending the world's largest cannabis fair is always funny, and receiving this award—especially since our last win in 2019—fills us with tremendous joy

Following a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, during which we dedicated ourselves to networking and enjoying the event, it was truly gratifying to receive this prestigious award, a testament to the hard work we've invested in our breeding development.

Royal Queen Seeds: Winning the Triple Crown with ICA and EMJAYS

Starting 2024 with this prestigious award marks an exceptional beginning for us. But we have more news: during the same week, we were also honoured with the International Cannabis Awards (ICA), held in Barcelona, renowned as the “Oscars” of the global cannabis community.

Moreover, our recent achievement at the EMJAYs awards for Best Cannabis Seed Bank in 2023 further reinforces our commitment to doing things the right way: continuously breeding and refining new strains, delivering increasingly superior genetics, and engaging with the community in the best way possible!

This recognition motivates us to continue growing with our loyal community.

RQS Spannabis

What Is Spannabis?

For those who don't know (yet), Spannabis is an annual cannabis event that has drawn swarms of weed lovers to Barcelona (our home city) since 2002. As the largest cannabis fair in the world, this year’s three-day event featured 280 international exhibitors and over 3,900 professional guests. Alongside a wealth of stands that allow businesses to network with attendees, the event also featured the World Cannabis Conference, which hosted prestigious medical, political, and scientific speakers. The Spannabis Championship Cup also took place, which pits the best cannabis breeders in the world against each other in a series of epic awards.

Royal Queen Seeds Won Best Seed Bank of 2024

Royal Queen Seeds entered the Spannabis Awards 2024 alongside some serious competition. Many of the best weed companies in the world flock to the event in hopes of receiving an award and all of the acclaim that comes with it. The event hands out a range of awards, including Best Vaporiser, Best New Product, Best Nutrient, and Best Stand. As you know by now, we came out on top when it comes to the most prized award of them all: Best Seed Bank.

Our recent efforts helped us to scoop up this honour, including launching one of the biggest celebrity collaborations in cannabishistory and developing the first true F1 cannabis hybrids.

RQS reciving awards
Shai (RQS President) and Max (RQS Expert Grower)

Spannabis 2024: What Else Went Down?

Many other great things unfolded at Spannabis this year. Check out other highlights from the event:

We Unveiled Our Tyson 2.0 Collaboration

By teaming up with Tyson 2.0, we founded one of the biggest collaborations in the history of the cannabis industry. Mike Tyson’s very own cannabis brand has long supplied users in the United States with joints, concentrates, and edibles. However, they’ve never released their in-demand genetics to home growers—until now.

Our skilled breeders are helping to make their seeds available to the masses. We unveiled this legendary partnership at Spannabis, in part by plastering our promo posters all over Barcelona. Attendees got to feast their eyes on visual materials for our Tyson 2.0 varieties and even had the chance to buy them live with the help of our staff.

RQS x Tyson

The World of Weed Got to See Our New Look

We’ve undergone some serious evolution at Royal Queen Seeds over the last year. So, we thought it fitting to update our image to signify the huge steps we’ve taken. We’ve finally said goodbye to our trusty golden lion logo. But don’t worry, your familiar feline friend hasn’t gone anywhere—he’s simply had a much-needed makeover. Our new lion logo features a gorgeous ganja mane, and the brand lettering features a hidden cannabis seed. Can you spot it?

Our new logo flew proudly on a large green banner, backlit by the blue Barcelona sky. Positioned in a chill area of the Spannabis plaza, next to the entrance and close to the music stage. What more could we ask for?

We Took Our Stand to the Next Level

In between preparing our material and receiving the Best Seed Bank Award, we spent our time basking in the hot Spanish sun at booth 164. Here, we had the pleasure of encountering plenty of familiar faces, as well as forming some new connections. The music was pumping, the beer was flowing, and the smell of terpenes permeated the air all day long.

We had a superb time hanging out with beginner growers, veteran cultivators, and cannabis influencers. In between riveting conversations, we made sure to give out tons of branded goodies to those who took time out of their day to say hello and show their support. Our jackpot game also went down a storm and kept us laughing all day long.

Our booth underwent a significant upgrade compared to previous years. It boasted expanded space in the lounge area, more tables and chairs, and a bar! We also widened the passage area to allow people to move around more freely.

To wrap it all up, we enhanced our visuals by adding modular screens that added colour and light to our stand. It certainly helped share our milestones, presenting our new strains, the exclusive Tyson collaboration, the new visual identity, and our beloved F1 Hybrids. Did you spot us in the middle of the crowd?

RQS stand

Our Past Success at Spannabis

Winning Best Seed Bank of 2024 at Spannabis has inspired us to reflect on our past victories. Back in 2019, we received the same prize and also spent some valuable time with legends in the space, including Ed Rosenthal, Yoidi Ganja Zone, and That Weed Couple. We get nostalgic looking back at these times, and we’re amazed at just how far we’ve come.

The Future of Royal Queen Seeds at Spannabis

Since our last Best Seed Bank victory in 2019, we’ve come a long, long way. COVID-19 was something that took us by surprise, but with your support, we managed to overcome the hard times. After that, we teamed up with Mike Tyson, underwent a complete rebrand, released many new legendary strains, and made history by developing the first true cannabis F1 hybrids. We’ve still got plenty of projects just on the horizon, but in the meantime, receiving our friendships, collaborators and community at Spannabis is always exciting.

We hope to see you there next year!

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