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Our Vision and Mission

Cannabis is a mighty plant. Stigmatized for years, we believe in its power as the seed of positive change.

The simple act of cultivating binds us to nature and creation. It eases our minds and helps disconnect us from daily stressors.

We are on a journey to empower cannabis growers worldwide. Through sharing fundamental knowledge, we aim to expand the community of cannabis users and enthusiasts while staying true to our core values of responsibility and sustainability.

We Are Royal Queen Seeds

At RQS, we cultivate timeless classics and cutting-edge genetics, meticulously curating the most rewarding seeds for all types of growers.

All seeds are carefully selected from organic plants and undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest germination rate standards. What you receive arn't just seeds; they're a gateway to a unique growing journey.

New Identity, Same Attitude

During this transition, you may notice our timeless RQS logo alongside the newly updated one—they will coexist for a while, but don't worry!

We understand that change, especially as big as this, can cause uncertainty—a shift from what is familiar. You might ask, why change? Is it the same seedbank? Is the seed collection still intact?

The answer is a definite YES!

Embrace this transformation with us and follow the beauty of our evolution.

RQS about us

Tracing Our Roots

  • 2007: Before establishing the seedbank, RQS possessed a deep knowledge and passion for cannabis breeding. At that time, there were not as many breeders as today.
  • 2010: Following an interest in our seeds, we opened our first store at Damstraat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 2011: We launched the Royal Queen Seeds website, providing high-quality feminised seeds alongside transparent and helpful customer support—aiming to meet the expectations of cannabis home growers throughout Europe.
  • 2016: Our high-street presence expanded, with the first clients visiting our store at Carrer dels Tallers in Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2022: RQS headed east with our newest location in Bangkok, Thailand—a four-story building featuring our best products, a lounge space, and even live plants!
  • 2023: We not only started distributing within the United States but introduced the first true F1 Hybrid Cannabis seeds to the market!
  • 2024: The year kicked off on a high note! We adopted a new brand image and logo while joining forces with influential partners who share our vision.
Timeline Royal Queen Seeds

Our Team

At RQS, our team is a diverse collective of passionate individuals, much like every grower we encounter. We are proud members of a vibrant community of cultivators who enjoy sharing our passion for cannabis. Committed to inspiring growth, we are always happy to offer assistance and education to anyone interested in joining our community.

Beyond RQS: The Cannabis Community

Connect with us on popular social media platforms! We love being active in the community and promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Interacting with you is at the core of what we do—answering questions, sharing experiences, or simply enjoying conversations. Join us on this journey. Stay cultivated.

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The Necessity of Innovation

We take great pride in pioneering and introducing F1 Hybrid cannabis seeds to the world. Now accessible to home growers, these seeds boast improved uniformity, exceptional yields, and outstanding potency. But with continuous room for growth, why should we stop there?

A Word on Sustainability

As nature lovers, we believe in making a positive impact by promoting organic and sustainable growing methods. We're taking steps, gradually changing from plastic to recyclable freebies, and actively sharing content on organic cultivation methods.

Building a greener future is a road we are ready to travel, exploring new opportunities for improvement along the way.

RQS Trophy Room

A few of our accomplishments from over the years.

Royal Queen Seeds Trophy Room

Where to Find Us

In addition to our webshop, we're also physically present in the hearts of Europe's cannabis destinations with two store locations.

At RQS's first "brick-and-mortar" store in the heart of Amsterdam on Damstraat, we offer an extensive menu of impressive genetics. Our newest location in Barcelona is styled like a cannabis museum, so you can marvel at exotic bongs and beautiful glass rigs while shopping for popular and classic genetics, too.

Come and meet our friendly staff and stock up on seeds and other goodies!

Royal Queen Seeds Shops

It’s All About Cannabis

The history of cannabis, specifically its consumption and cultivation, has been turbulent and exciting. Grown and consumed by what was considered a "subculture," cannabis is now becoming widely accepted, experiencing a huge popularity boom in modern society.

Cannabis enthusiasts are now everyday people who simply love to grow and learn. Are you already part of the community?

Questions & Answers: About us

📍 Where Are Royal Queen Seeds Stores Located?
We currently have four physical store locations, with two stores in Amsterdam (Damstraat and Haarlemmerstraat), one store in Barcelona (on Carrer dels Tallers) and one in Bangkok, Thailand. 
🏠 Where Is the Headquarters of RQS Located?
Royal Queen Seeds operates online and from physical stores in the Netherlands, Spain and Thailand, with headquarters in Barcelona. 
🌱 Can I Buy Seeds From Royal Queen Seeds?
We deliver to the US. Obtaining cannabis seeds is by-and-large entirely legal. We offer free standard shipping, USPS First-Class Parcel service.
📥 How Can I Contact Royal Queen Seeds?
If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us by sending us a message via our Contact Us page.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. The friendly Royal Queen Seeds team is at your disposal!

Email: [email protected]
t. +1 (800) 601-2340 (from 8:00 to 16:00 GMT+1)

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2870 W 10th Pl
Eugene, OR 97402
United States of America

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