By Steven Voser

Hiding the smell of cannabis can be necessary to avoid the legal or social consequences of growing your own marijuana. There are discreet growing setups that incorporate carbon filters, although this is not a fool-proof way of keeping your grow room under wraps. It depends on how much space and money you can invest. It is also better to vent your filtered, exhausted air away from neighbours if possible. If you are only growing a few plants, an open jar of RQS gel can neutralise odors for 4–6 weeks.

If you are ready to cultivate cannabis in your own home, then be prepared for how much it can reek, especially when flowering. Working around cannabis so often will desensitise you to the smell. You'll get so used to it, you may not notice it on your clothes or hair. Take regular precautions to keep your whole house fresh and clean, while also keeping your grow room well-ventilated. Trying to mask it with another smell runs the risk of merely producing two distracting smells on top of each other.

One thing you can do at the source of the problem is choose to grow strains that are inherently less pungent. You have a surprising amount of variety when it comes to strains that don't smell as strong. However, they will still produce some smell you must account for. If you want strains with a less powerful scent though, don't be worried; their effects will not be any weaker, they will simply attract less attention while growing. The 5 strains below represent varieties from the RQS catalogue that are known to produce less of an odor than most other strains.

1. Northern Light

Indoor growing of this classic strain is, by design, easy for the novice grower. The spicy, earthy aroma of Northern Lights sometimes has fruity undertones when smoked. When it is growing, however, the smell is more generic. Grow this discreetly, and you will still yield sticky, resinous buds. The THC content often surpasses 20%, providing powerful indica effects which relax the body. Aside from producing strong yields in 7–9 weeks, it makes a great mother plant, aiding in the continuation of low odor cultivation.

Northern Light

Northern Light
Northern Light S1
500 - 550 gr/m2
100 - 160 cm
8 - 9 weeks
THC: 18%
Sativa 0% Indica 100%
575 - 625 gr/plant
180 - 220 cm
Late September
Balanced, Clear, Stoned

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2. Blue Mystic

This wonderfully earthy strain is most likely a hybrid of Northern Lights and Blueberry genetics. The flavonoids and terpenes of Blueberry have followed through into the sumptuous-tasting Blue Mystic. Its fruity berry aroma with hints of lavender is a divine accompaniment to its arresting indica high. The fruity flavours of this plant will also help to mask the classic cannabis stench across its 8–10 weeks of flowering.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic
Oregon Blueberry x Northern Light
375 - 425 gr/m2
60 - 100 cm
8 - 9 weeks
THC: 18%
Sativa 20% Indica 80%
400 - 450 gr/plant
180 - 220 cm

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3. Royal Jack Auto

Harvest this plant within 70 days and enjoy a very pleasant high from Royal Jack Auto. It is an autoflowering variety of Jack Herer, named after the cannabis activist whose tireless energy for cannabis legalization is reflected in the uplifting buzz of its sativa high. Ruderalis genetics make growing this strain a lot easier. The smell is also not that strong compared to other strains. It will produce a more sweet, fruity scent verging on caramel, but it’s subtle. This strain also owes heritage to the dazzling sativa White Widow, ensuring a shimmering body high once ingested.

Royal Jack Automatic

Royal Jack Automatic
Jack Herer x Ruderalis
350 - 400 gr/m2
40 - 80 cm
7 - 8 weeks
THC: 16%
Sativa 40% Indica 30% Ruderalis 30%
70 - 120 gr/plant
60 - 80 cm
11 - 12 weeks after sprouting
Creative, Motivating

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4. Royal Creamatic

Royal Creamatic can be considered an all-around great strain for indoor growers, given its compact nature and discreet odor. Thanks to the inclusion of White Rhino genetics, this strain features a sweet and sensational (albeit low-profile) aroma that will keep your operation hidden. Upon smoking, however, she will delight the senses. Royal Creamatic is an autoflowering cultivar that will race from seed to harvest in 8 weeks. Perhaps even more impressive is her ability to churn out a respectable 450g/m² when treated with the love and respect she deserves.

Royal Creamatic

Royal Creamatic
Cream Caramel x Ruderalis
400 - 450 gr/m2
60 - 80 cm
8 - 9 weeks
THC: 15%
Sativa 10% Indica 60% Ruderalis 30%
115 - 165 gr/plant
80 - 100 cm
12 - 13 after sprouting
Calming, Physically Relaxing

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5. Quick One

Quick One is a variation on Lowryder, which is famous for its very fast flowering time and subdued scent. The ruderalis genetics of this plant keep it short; in other words, discreet and manageable. It rarely grows taller than 75cm, which is quite small. Sprinting to the harvest finish line in an impressive 6–7 weeks, Quick One is so resilient she can even be grown in colder climates. She also has one of the mildest odors of any cannabis plant. Her non-distinct, fruity scent won't give the game away. Get growing for a soothing indica buzz.

Quick One

Quick One
Lowryder 1 x Old School Indica
275 - 325 gr/m2
50 - 60 cm
5 - 6 Weeks
THC: 13%
Sativa 10% Indica 60% Ruderalis 30%
100 - 150 gr/plant
60 - 100 cm
9 - 10 weeks after sprouting
Physically Relaxing

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