Fast Flowering Seeds

Have you got the need for speed? Our fast-flowering cannabis strains are ideal for growers wanting to get to harvest ASAP without sacrificing the quality or quantity of their yield.

  • Cosmos F1
  • Milky Way F1
  • Epsilon F1
  • Titan F1
  • Quick One
  • Easy Bud
  • Sweet ZZ Auto
  • Royal CBG Automatic
  • Royal CBDV Automatic
  • Honey Cream (Fast Flowering)
  • Royal Cheese Auto
  • Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering)
  • Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering)
  • Joanne's CBD
  • Tatanka Pure CBD
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet ZZ
  • Special Kush 1

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Why Choose Fast-Flowering Strains?

Fast-flowering cannabis strains are extremely versatile. If you like to grow outdoors, our fast-flowering weed seeds are ideal for planting in areas with short summers, or for squeezing in an extra harvest at the beginning or end of the season. They're also ideal for streamlining the growing process and limiting opportunities for people to discover your grow-op. Indoors, fast-flowering strains are perfect for smaller setups, or simply for getting to harvest quickly to enjoy a good smoke.

When Time, Flavour, and Potency Are of the Essence

Getting to harvest quickly shouldn't come at the price of mediocre yields or a lack of variety. Our catalogue of fast-flowering cannabis seeds includes diverse strains that boast excellent aromas, flavours, and potency. From compact autos to uplifting sativas; from relaxing indicas to balanced hybrids, our breeders have worked hard to create fast-flowering strains to suit the taste and style of every grower.

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