Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds serve a critical role when it comes to breeding. Use them to raise both male and female plants to create your own strains and produce resilient clones to reduce growing times.

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What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds have a 50/50 chance of emerging as male or female. Although a lot of growers aim to grow female-only crops to obtain as many viable flowers as possible, regular cannabis seeds are vital for breeders, and for growers that like to start their plants from clones.

Regular cannabis seeds are just as nature intended. Just like seeds found in the wild, they are untampered and offer the possibility of pollen-producing males.

Regular Cannabis Seeds vs Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds differ from feminised seeds based on the sex of plants they produce. Much like flipping a coin, germinating regular seeds comes with equal odds of growing a male or female plant.

In contrast, feminised seeds offer a 99% chance of producing female plants.

Why Grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds boast sturdier and more resilient genetics than their feminised counterparts, serving as prime mother plants to take cuttings from. Once rooted, growers can create clones that grow into exact replicas of plants that they like.

The ability to produce male and female plants allows growers to produce both flowers and pollen. By collecting this valuable genetic material from males, you’re free to begin creating your own cannabis strains based on your favourite traits.