By Luke Sumpter

We’ve got massive news! Royal Queen Seeds has joined forces with none other than Mike Tyson to unleash several new rounds of knockout genetics. By pairing the unparalleled experience of our breeders and brand managers with Iron Mike’s deep passion and connoisseurship, we’ve formed a partnership that makes Tyson’s very own buds accessible to all. With these strains, you can expect nothing less than heavyweight yields that leave users seeing stars—in the best way possible.

Many celebrities have become almost synonymous with weed. These figures are, more often than not, musicians and artists who attribute their relationship with cannabis to their creative success. Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, and Willie Nelson are all well-known names in cannabis culture. However, as the social stigma surrounding the herb continues to wane, figures from other spheres of influence have become less timid about sharing their cannabis use, including top-tier athletes. Michael Phelps, Nate Diaz, and even Mike Tyson himself have revealed, in a way that greatly upends deeply rooted stereotypes, that cannabis has played a big role in their sporting endeavours, careers, and lives as a whole.

Among these titans, Mike Tyson has perhaps the most fascinating relationship with the herb. The man known by many monikers, including the “Baddest Man on the Planet”, gained a reputation during his fighting career as a fierce opponent willing to risk body and mind to dominate the heavyweight division. Known for his explosive power and aggression, the idea of Tyson retiring into horticultural endeavours might seem improbable to some—but that’s exactly what has happened.

Mike Tyson

Tyson × Royal Queen Seeds Touch Gloves

Tyson’s relationship with cannabis is nothing new, as made clear in his own words: “Cannabis has always played an important role in my life. Cannabis has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others..”.

His passion for cannabis culminated in Tyson 2.0, a premier cannabis company with an ethos of innovation and producing top-shelf cannabis products through the means of purity and precision.

Alongside affordable concentrates, pre-rolled joints, and consumables, Tyson 2.0 has developed a catalogue of strains that are perfectly compatible with the athlete himself. These powerhouse genetics tick all of Tyson’s boxes, mimicking the strains that made him fall in love with weed, and that played to his athletic and entrepreneurial advantage.

While Tyson 2.0 has seen great success with their massive range of products, they never released their seeds to keen growers. But that’s all about to change. Royal Queen Seeds has jumped into Tyson’s corner, and we’re using our expertise as one of the world’s leading seed banks to disperse his revolutionary Tyson 2.0 strains to the masses. In what is possibly the most powerful collaboration in the world of weed to date, we’re offering different batches of cultivars across several different rounds of releases. Before we disclose more about this collab that will leave you seeing stars, let us introduce you to an entirely new side of the champ himself.

rqs x tyson seeds

Say Hello to Mike the Grower

Iron Mike shares a similar story to most cannabis users. After discovering the herb and experiencing its beneficial effects, he dove headfirst into the world of cultivation. The curiosity sparked by smoking a joint grew into a deeper desire to not only learn more about the plant itself, but to eventually develop the right connections to tinker with it and produce strains that suited his preferences.

Throughout his legendary career, Tyson’s public face and persona have been oriented around aggression, explosivity, intimidation, and an unfettered desire for victory; all of these characteristics helped to secure his title as the GOAT. These characteristics may seem almost antithetical to what we imagine when thinking about quintessential cannabis users, growers, and breeders. However, many of the traits that Tyson picked up as a boxer translate surprisingly well into the world of strain development, cannabis cultivation, and empire-building.

Tyson relied heavily upon speed and agility in the ring, and his understanding of these concepts has trickled into his cannabis cultivation business. Handling large rooms filled with plants and managing the conditions appropriately at different stages of development all benefit from his refinement of quick decision-making over the years.

Mike the grower

Every single cannabis grower, without fail, will tell you that cultivating the herb takes a degree of discipline and resilience. Plants often face myriad issues throughout the growing cycle, especially when growers are just starting to get to grips with the plant. Nutrient deficiencies, environmental troubles, pests, and diseases are enough for some novices to pack it all in. Tyson has drawn on his iron will, developed in endless sparring sessions and brutal exchanges, to help his company rise above the rest.

We can’t talk about Tyson’s traits without reflecting on his innovation. His unique “peek-a-boo” style employed a highly defensive guard position, emphasised upper body movement, and relied on devastating counterpunches. Kid Dynamite has transitioned this knack for novel innovation into the cannabis industry, and we at RQS are thrilled to have the chance to share the results with you.

Tyson’s Journey: From the Ring to the Garden

So, how exactly did Tyson switch from a fierce warrior to a herbal horticulturist and industry kingpin? Well, the roots of Tyson 2.0 go all the way back to Iron Mike’s teenage years. He initially discovered his love for boxing at thirteen, and went on to develop his skills under the coaching of legendary trainer Cus D’Amato.

Tyson started smoking cannabis at some point during his teenage years, but quit at the age of eighteen just before his debut fight with Hector Mercedes in 1985. He emerged victorious from his first major bout via first-round TKO. Tyson’s astonishing debut served as a sign of things to come. During his “golden era”, spanning from 1985–1990, he went on a rampage, scoring knock-out win after knock-out win, becoming heavyweight world champion several times. Tyson continued to hit joints here and there, sometimes to his disadvantage. His victory over Andrew Golota in 2000 changed to a no-contest decision following a positive marijuana test.

Although Tyson’s success and skill cannot be denied, he has since admitted certain regrets along the way. In 2021, after rekindling his relationship with cannabis, Tyson stated[1] that he wished he had continued to smoke consistently during his career, saying: “...I should have smoked my whole career. I should have smoked when I was fighting because it put me in a different state of mind. I’m very relaxed and the more relaxed you are, the better fighter you are, at least in my case”.

Mike Tyson joint

Interestingly, Tyson got to experience a taste of what his career would have felt like had he continued toking. He came out of retirement in 2020 to face off with Roy Jones Jr. The brawl ended in a draw, and Tyson remained very open about using cannabis in the build-up to the fight as part of his preparation.

Despite his incredible physique at the age of 57, Tyson has now likely hung up his boxing gloves for good. Instead, he’s nurturing another source of joy in his life: cannabis. After being called to his corner to help Tyson bring his genetics to the world, we’re thrilled to be a part of this new chapter of his legendary life. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the first round of Mike Tyson marijuana!

Tyson 2.0: A Peek Into the Champ’s Cache

We hope you have a spot in your grow room or garden for the first round of the RQS and Tyson 2.0 collaboration. To whet your appetite further, check out the list of Tyson 2.0 weed strains below. Feast your eyes on some truly scrumptious and hard-hitting hybrids:

  • Gelato 44: This resinous offspring of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies harnesses a THC content of 22% to land a deeply stoning yet euphoric high.

Gelato 44
23_genetic background_1 Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
33_Yield indoors_1 400 - 450 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 80 - 120 cm
25_flowering time_1 8 - 9 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 22%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 25% Indica 75%
34_yield outdoor_1 550 - 600 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 140 - 180 cm
27_harvest period_1 Late September
22_Effect_1 Creative, Euphoric, Long Lasting , Physically Relaxing

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  • Dynamic Diesel: Formed from parent strains Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG, Dynamic Diesel plays peek-a-boo by first hitting users with an uplifting head high, quickly followed by a relaxing body stone.

Dynamite Diesel
23_genetic background_1 Sour Diesel x Skywalker OG
33_Yield indoors_1 500 - 550 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 100 - 150 cm
25_flowering time_1 9 - 10 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 22%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 35% Indica 65%
34_yield outdoor_1 625 - 675 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 150 - 200 cm
27_harvest period_1 October
22_Effect_1 Calming, Physically Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting

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  • NYC Sour D Auto: This strain embodies the speed and agility of Tyson himself. It darts through its growing cycle as quickly as 12 weeks after sprouts poke through the soil.

NYC Sour D Auto
23_genetic background_1 NY Diesel x Sour Diesel Auto
33_Yield indoors_1 450 - 500 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 80 - 100 cm
25_flowering time_1 8 - 10 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 21%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 70% Indica 25% Ruderalis 5%
34_yield outdoor_1 140 - 180 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 120 - 150 cm
27_harvest period_1 11 - 13 Weeks after sprouting
22_Effect_1 Euphoric, Motivating , Physically Relaxing

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  • GOAT’lato Auto: A true tribute to the Greatest of All Time, this indica-dominant hybrid offers delicious flavours of cookies and provides a rewarding yield without taking up much space.

GOAT'lato Auto
23_genetic background_1 Gelato 44 x Cookies Auto
33_Yield indoors_1 375 - 450 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 70 - 120 cm
25_flowering time_1 7 - 9 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 20%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 25% Indica 65% Ruderalis 10%
34_yield outdoor_1 130 - 180 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 130 - 160 cm
27_harvest period_1 10 – 11 weeks after sprouting
22_Effect_1 Euphoric, Physically Relaxing

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  • Punch Pie: Put your mouthguard in for this one. Punch Pie descends from Purple Punch and Purple Kush, and lands heavy body shots that cast a melting sensation over the muscles.

Punch Pie
23_genetic background_1 Purple Punch x Purple Kush
33_Yield indoors_1 550 - 600 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 80 - 110 cm
25_flowering time_1 7 - 9 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 22%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 10% Indica 90%
34_yield outdoor_1 650 - 750 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 120 - 150 cm
27_harvest period_1 Late September
22_Effect_1 Calming, Euphoric, Physically Relaxing, Sleepy

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  • Corkscrew Auto: Her uplifting high, rapid growing times, and flavours of pineapple and candy make Corkscrew Auto one of the most exotic autos on the market.

Corkscrew Auto
23_genetic background_1 Cherry Pie Auto x Tangie
33_Yield indoors_1 450 - 500 gr/m2
31_plant height outdoor_1 70 - 100 cm
25_flowering time_1 8 - 10 weeks
29_THC_1 THC: 19%
28_Type Blend_1 Sativa 55% Indica 40% Ruderalis 5%
34_yield outdoor_1 90 - 175 gr/plant
32_plant height outdoors_1 120 - 150 cm
27_harvest period_1 12 - 13 after sprouting
22_Effect_1 Focus , Uplifting

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RQS & Tyson: A Power-Packed Collaboration

A new era has arrived. Mike Tyson and Royal Queen Seeds have touched gloves in order to bring Tyson 2.0 to the market for the very first time. Our first round of genetics is destined to cause a stir and features legitimate opponents to some of the most popular feminised photoperiod and autoflowering strains already on the market. The exclusive nature of our collaboration means you’ll only find Tyson 2.0 marijuana in our seed bank. Try all of the cultivars from the first round to determine your favourite, while you look forward to things to come!

External Resources:
  1. Mike Tyson says he wishes he smoked cannabis his whole career
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