Mould Resistant Strains

Living in an area with warm, humid conditions? Then you're likely very aware of the devastating effect moulds like Botrytis and Pythium can have on your cannabis harvest. But don't fret; below you'll find a handpicked selection of our most mould resistant strains, ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardens. 

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  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD
  • Shining Silver Haze
  • Power Flower
  • Royal Moby
  • Northern Light
  • Orion F1
  • Apollo F1
  • Hyperion F1

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Why Is Mold Resistance Important?

While cannabis likes warm conditions and plenty of water, overly humid conditions can create a breeding ground for moulds like Pythium and Botrytis that cause conditions like damping off and bud rot. If humidity is a big concern in your garden or tent/room, growing dedicated high-humidity strains is a great way to avoid mold-related problems.

How to Grow Mold-Resistant Strains?

Our mold-resistant cannabis varieties are bred to flower quickly, and they exhibit open structures that maximise airflow and light penetration to prevent humidity buildup. These strains can be grown both indoors and outdoors, though outdoor growers are more at the mercy of humidity than indoor growers. Grow our mold-resistant strains in a well-draining medium with high-quality nutrients, and enjoy heavy, aromatic harvests.