By Luke Sumpter

We’ve just returned from Vegas, and we’re a little lost for words right now.

After flying out there to witness the EMJAYS award ceremony and enjoy some time in the sun, we found ourselves standing on stage, receiving the award for Best Seed Bank of 2023. Our minds are blown; to win this award at an international event, up against a tough and innovative competition, has certainly put a massive spring in our step. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to deliver the best genetics possible, to provide our community with educational content, and to offer a range of helpful growing supplies and accessories. It’s truly delightful to feel rewarded and recognised for our labour!

Las Vegas

The nomination period for the EMJAYS started back in May 2023, and gave the public the chance to nominate their favourite businesses within each category. Then, from August to October, a committee of industry professionals also weighed in to judge the competition. We emerged victorious, and we have you to thank for that!

Without our loyal community, Royal Queen Seeds wouldn't dare to dream of winning such a prestigious award!

An Introduction to the EMJAYS

So, what exactly does the EMJAYS look like? And what’s the significance of scooping up an award there? Well, this event emerged to fill an important gap in the cannabis competition circuit. Even before the days of legalization in America and elsewhere, competitions have played an important role in the world of weed. These events judge the skills of growers to produce the best buds possible, and the ability of breeders to craft the best genetics in the world. Nowadays, countless events exist to celebrate winners in these areas. However, aside from that, a dedicated industry award was notably absent.

The EMJAYS set out to change this. As a collaborative event between Farechild Events and MJBizCon, the award show aims to shine a light on businesses and individuals that work hard to prop up the cannabis industry from behind the scenes. More than a casual get-together, this black-tie event features a red carpet entry, over 20 award categories, and even celebrity presenters for each category. Plus, this year, it all took place at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. We felt like royalty entering this event, and even more so during the live music performances and psychedelic-themed afterparty!

The RQS Journey

Coming in first in the category of Best Seed Bank at the EMJAYS really caught us off guard! However, we didn't accomplish this on our own. We spend many long hours here at RQS identifying needs and trends, and striving to provide our best. It brings a huge smile to our faces to know that you appreciate our dedication enough to vote for us and help us achieve such a lofty goal.

What started off as a small company has quickly sprouted into a massive canopy of companionship that transcends borders and oceans! Once just a seed bank, we’re a thriving community that exists all over the world. Thank you for being a part of it!

Shai (RQS President) and Max (RQS Expert Grower)
Shai (RQS President) and Max (RQS Expert Grower)

Our Biggest Achievements of 2023

Our victory at the EMJAYS closes an exciting year for us. Flying back home still riding the waves of this event had us reflecting on the last 12 months, and helped us realise just how far we’ve come over this short period of time.

420 at Times Square

We brought our 4/20 celebrations to a whole new level this year! We took the Big Apple by storm by projecting our monolithic countdown clock at the iconic Times Square. As the first seed bank in history to pull off this feat, our clock started ticking down at 3:30pm. Not only did this spectacle look awesome and set the tone in the world-famous location, but we also pulled this off to celebrate the first legal cannabis dispensaries in the state of New York.

Video id: 826120606

Releasing the First Cannabis F1 Hybrids

If we had to choose our favourite highlight of the year, we’d have no other option but to bring up the new sensation in the area of F1 hybrids. Many other agricultural sectors have long used F1 crops for increased disease resistance, better uniformity, and superior yields. Following a long and arduous breeding process, our skilled growers broke new ground and created the first-ever cannabis F1 hybrids. These new varieties offer massive returns, sky-high levels of THC and terpenes, and a level of uniformity only seen elsewhere in clones.

F1 Hybrids

Tropical Mirage: A Creative Collaboration With Henry Saiz

As far as having fun goes, teaming up with electronic music artist Henry Saiz wins our vote for the most joyous occasion of 2023! Combining Henry’s creative mind with the skill of our breeders, we created a new cultivar specifically designed to kindle the creative process. Tropical Mirage contains a THC content of 24% and offers a harvest in as little as eight weeks! We also released this strain in a deluxe package that includes a collector’s edition vinyl and t-shirt!

Tropical Mirage

We Entered the United States

In case you missed the news, Royal Queen Seeds has entered the United States market! Now, growers in the US can enjoy our top-tier genetics, including rapid autos, productive photoperiod strains, and reliable F1 hybrids! You don’t need to worry about any customs issues; we ship them directly from our HQ in the West Coast state of Oregon!

Grow Higher: Continue on This Journey With Us

Wow—what a year! The last 12 months have proved nothing short of transformative here at RQS. But we don’t do plateaus! We want you to continue to rise with us as we ascend to the next level. During 2024, you can expect several waves of new strains to hit the shelf, mind-blowing unique collaborations, and an ambitious new visual language! See you on the flip side.

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