Cannabis Vaporizers

Looking for the perfect weed vaporizer? Regardless of your budget or whether you prefer dry herbs or concentrates, you're bound to find your ideal vape below. 

  • Firefly 2+ Vaporiser
  • PAX Plus Vaporizer
  • PAX Mini Vaporizer
  • Dynavap M Plus
  • DynaVap - The B
  • Arizer Solo 2
  • Volcano Hybrid
  • Boundless CFC 2.0
  • AirVape XS GO
  • Flowermate Aura
  • DaVinci IQC
  • Arizer Air MAX Vaporiser
  • CBD Vape Pen
  • Pax 3 Special Edition - Complete Kit
  • AirVape X
  • XMAX V2 Pro Vaporiser
  • DaVinci IQ2
  • G Pen Elite Vaporiser
  • G Pen Elite II Vaporiser

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What's the Difference Between Dry-Herb and Concentrate Cannabis Vaporizers?

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes and at varying price points. But one of the biggest differences among cannabis vaporizers is whether they are made to process dry herbs, concentrates, or both. Dry herb vaporizers, as the name suggests, are designed to vaporize dried plant material such as cannabis flowers. Concentrate vapes, on the other hand, feature specialised heating elements designed to handle sticky and viscous dabs such as wax, crumble, or shatter.

Note that oil vaporizers also exist, which come specially prepared to handle viscous or even completely liquid extracts. Moreover, vape pens are similar to vaporizers in their function but are typically less diverse in their size and design.

How to Use Vaporizers to Enjoy Weed

Using a vaporizer is as simple as turning on your device, setting your desired temperature, and waiting for it to heat up. Once your vape is ready, all that's left to do is kick up your feet, inhale, and enjoy the enhanced flavour and high that vaping offers.

Vaporizers are powered by one of three types of heating systems—convection, conduction, or hybrid heating—to turn the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis into a gaseous vapor that you can inhale, without combusting your bud or concentrate (which creates free radicals and other toxic compounds).

What Should You Look for in a Cannabis Vaporizer?

To help, we suggest looking at the following characteristics when shopping for a vaporizer:

  • Smoking preference: First, decide whether you plan to vape dry herbs, concentrates, or both.
  • Budget: Vaporizers can be affordable or expensive.
  • Portability: Tabletop vaporizers like the Volcano, for example, often come packed with features and are ideal for extended sessions with friends. Portable vapes, on the other hand, make it super simple to light up anywhere you go.
  • Convection, conduction, or hybrid heating: All heating systems have their pros and cons.
  • Chamber capacity, heat-up time, and other features: The amount of weed a vape can hold and how long it takes to heat up can have a big impact on your session. Moreover, modern vapes can come loaded with features like temperature controls, smartphone connectivity, LED lighting/screens, and much more.
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