By Marguerite Arnold

Fashion reflects trends in the world. And unsurprisingly, as cannabis is becoming more widely accepted, cannabis fashion is on the rise. From novelty hats through to tasteful hemp clothing, it can be found everywhere, and can suit everyone.

Find out all about cannabis fashion below.

The Emergence of Cannabis Fashion

Modern cannabis fashion first emerged in earnest in the 1960s, alongside the rise of hippie culture—a culture to which the plant has remained inextricably bonded. Cannabis and hippie culture were both considered part of the counterculture during the 60s, so cannabis and cannabis-related fashion were a means of expressing this.

These days, cannabis fashion, alongside the plant itself, has well and truly entered the mainstream. From cannabis-leaf-adorned bucket hats at festivals to expertly crafted garments spun from hemp fibres, cannabis fashion is all around us, and it’s only becoming more common.


Hemp: A Unique Aspect of Cannabis Fashion

Hemp fibres have long been used in textiles, so in this sense, cannabis fashion could be said to be thousands of years old. But only in the last decade have new and established fashion brands been returning to hemp as a source of fibres from which to spin their wears.

A versatile material, which is to the untrained eye indistinguishable from cotton, hemp clothing is at its very essence weed fashion. And gone are the days when all weed-related clothing screamed cannabis in your face. Hemp clothing can be anything, from the simplest clothes (t-shirts and hoodies) all the way through to elegant shirts, trousers, and even shoes. You’d never know from looking at it that it was connected to cannabis at all.

Cannabis Clothing: Modern Aesthetics

As mentioned, weed apparel is no longer limited to the hippie look. In fact, it’s probable that the majority of cannabis fashion could be categorised as casual wear (think tracksuit bottoms and hoodies) and a whole load of hats! Also, it’s worth noting that most cannabis-related clothes actually aren’t made from hemp, but are instead from cotton or synthetic materials.

There are even some high-end names now incorporating cannabis into their lines.

High-End Marijuana Clothing Brands

Take Edie Parker, a fashion and homeware brand that has formed its identity around cannabis.

The brand has two apparel lines, called Weedie Parker and Flower. It’s worth noting that, at least at the time of writing, Weedie Parker pieces (which are mostly bags) do not obviously look related to cannabis. Aside from one that has weed leaves adorning it, most look innocuous enough. The Flower line is a little more obvious but is by no means obnoxious, and certainly wouldn’t raise many eyebrows.

This just goes to show how far cannabis fashion has come. It’s no longer about letting everyone know you smoke, but rather about subtly incorporating cannabis into what are decidedly mainstream, normal clothes.

On the super high fashion end, a wide variety of brands, from Moschino and Vivienne Westwood to Marc Jacobs and many others, have incorporated cannabis graphics into their designs in some way. These pieces, many of which retail for thousands of euros, bring the plant's image to unprecedented heights of exclusivity.

Weed fashion

Casual Collections: Stylish Streetwear and Cosy Garments

Most cannabis clothing around these days, though, is cosy, casual streetwear. Loose, comfy, and versatile, it’s fair to say that the designers of these clothes know their target markets. However, this clothing is often so mainstream that potential customers are not limited to cannabis users. In fact, almost anyone could get on board with the styles, even if they don’t have a previous affinity for the brand.

With this universal appeal, combined with the growing acceptance of cannabis throughout much of the world, you can expect to see far more people wearing cannabis-related clothing.

Weed Fashion Accessories: Functionality Meets Fashion

In the mainstream, cannabis fashion is mostly about comfy streetwear. But within the cannabis community it goes much deeper, covering many aspects of life.

Cannabis is, for some, a lifestyle. This means that weed fashionware is often functional; its comfiness isn’t just about laidback style, but about keeping stoned people comfortable.

In addition to clothing, weed fashion encompasses bags, cases, accessories, hats, sunglasses, and more. As the average stoner has to transport papers, cannabis, and a grinder, they need more than just pockets. As such, there’s a large demand for specific bags and carry cases—especially those capable of masking odours. These, along with hats and sunglasses, are often more communicative of brand identity than clothing.

Fashion even expands into the home, where many people feature branded smoking and growing accessories. Indeed, many cannabis fashion brands are shrewd enough to offer homeware lines to satisfy all aspects of stoner style.

RQS clothing

Cannabis Fashion: What’s on the Shelves?

These days, you can find cannabis-related clothing in most styles. Even so, the vast majority of garments are found in the following categories (including many of our own)!

  • Hoodies & Tees

Hoodies and t-shirts are among the most common cannabis garments. They’re comfy and come in a range of styles, making them broad and applicable to all manner of individuals. This versatility makes them an obvious choice for any brand looking to reach a large market, and also helps to normalise cannabis use.

Here at RQS, we have a range of t-shirts and jumpers available. Some are more obviously cannabis-related and will appeal to those who are loud and proud about their cannabis use. Other pieces, however, are much subtler, like our sweatshirt that sports the RQS lion over the heart. Those who know, will know; everybody else will just think it's a normal jumper.

  • Headwear

Headwear is very popular, and a great way for brands to generate awareness and create a sense of community with their products. Caps and beanies are the most popular headwear when it comes to cannabis fashion.

At RQS, we offer trucker caps and beanies, both of which are subtle in approach. They might say Royal Queen Seeds on them, but otherwise they don’t draw much attention. And if people already know the name, they probably won’t judge you!

  • Footwear

Cannabis footwear is less common, but it is growing in popularity. Take, for instance, our very own hemp shoes. These shoes are vegan and made exclusively from natural materials. And yet, they look like normal, comfortable trainers.

If you want to help the planet by wearing hemp on your feet, shoes like these are the way to go. And if you want something slightly more obvious, there is also cannabis footwear that isn’t so subtle about its message.

  • Accessories

It’s easy to overlook, but the world is packed full of cannabis accessories. These are easy to come by, and plenty of brands offer them. From grinders through to socks, jewellery, sunglasses, and underwear, you can accessorise your life with weed fashion and home goods.

As an example, we offer lighters, grinders, rolling trays, pipes, bongs, stash containers, and much more.

Cannabis Clothing: From High Fashion to Casual Comfort

Cannabis fashion is everywhere, and it’s becoming more common. Gone are the days when you had to be a hippie, or otherwise had to wear a hoodie covered in cannabis leaves. These days, you can celebrate your love of the plant and choose how you look. By sporting more subtle designs, you won’t draw extra attention to yourself. If, however, you don’t mind being in the spotlight, you’re welcome to wear more conspicuous clothes too!

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