• Humidity Control Pack
  • Humidity Control Pack
  • Humidity Control Pack
  • Humidity Control Pack
  • Humidity Control Pack
  • Humidity Control Pack

Humidity Control Pack

The curing process brings out unique, mouth-watering flavours and extends the shelf life of buds. But sometimes it can be tricky to keep the environment just right. Use humidity control packets by RQS, Moisture Fighters, and achieve perfect moisture levels that will keep your buds in that sweet spot. Prevent your buds from drying out and loosing flavour while shielding them from mould.
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RQS Moisture Fighters: Achieve Perfect Moisture Levels

Humidity Control—Moisture Fighters by RQS

Store your cannabis flowers for months at a time while keeping them fresh, terpene-rich, and smooth as butter. Drop RQS Moisture Fighters into your stash jars to keep your weed in optimal conditions. Curing weed enhances the flavours and makes the smoke feel smooth and more pleasant. However, too much-trapped moisture can cause mould to develop and ruin your precious flowers. In contrast, too little moisture will cause buds to dry out and lose their flavours.

Our humidity control packets feature a two-way system that regulates moisture within curing jars, preventing them from drying out or becoming too damp. Each sachet has the ability to both absorb and release moisture, depending on the external environment. They’ll preserve the unique flavours and aromas of your favourite strain while preventing fungal spores from taking hold and sabotaging your hard-earned buds.

How to Use RQS’s Moisture Fighters

Simply place a single sachet alongside your stash in a curing jar. An 8g sachet will be enough for a small personal stash, whereas a 67g sachet will be able to maintain optimal humidity in a much larger jar. Select a 58% or 62% sachet based on how much moisture you want your flowers to maintain. Sachets with the concentration of 62% keep buds slightly less dry, which is ideal for dryer environments.

Each sachet also comes with a colour-coded dot that indicates when you need to change the humidity packet. This handy tool means you don’t have to unnecessarily open your curing jars. When the purple dot turns blue, it’s time to replace the pouch!

Moisture Fighters Technical Information

Moisture Fighters include a colour-coded indicator card to let you know when the humidity control packs need replacing. To ensure you make the most of this essential tool, you'll need to place the humidity control pack inside your chosen jar or container for 24–48 hours first. Once the Moisture Fighters pack has stabilised the conditions inside the jar, add the colour-coded indicator card. When the dot on the card turns dark blue, it's time for a new Moisture Fighters pack.

To maintain the integrity of your Moisture Fighters humidity pack (and the colour-coded indicator), we recommend keeping the packaging sealed until you're ready. Left in a jar with your bud, a Moisture Fighters pack can last up from three to six months. However, be aware that the container size, how many times it's opened, and the dryness of your buds all affect the humidity control pack's lifespan. Keep a close eye on the indicator so you know exactly when to replace it!

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Which RH Level Is Right For You?
WET: >70% RH
Too moist. Balance with Humidity Control 62% RH
MOIST: 65 - 70% RH
Leave the buds on the jar w/o top 2 - 4
DRY: 58 - 65% RH
Cure zone!
Too dry. Re-hydrate with Humidity Control 58% RH
Which Amount Is Right For You?
67 g 1 lb / 450 g
8 g 1 oz / 28 g
Humidity Control Pack data sheet
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    By C. C. on 02/Aug/2021 :

    Title : Mr
    Comment : Très efficace.

    By M. H. on 28/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Läuft
    Comment : Funktioniert gut. Hab beide Varianten geholt, 62 für direkt nach der ernte, vier Wochen später dann 58 zum Langzeit lagern und wenn es zu trocken wird zum wiederbefeuchten. Lieferung wie immer schnell, von Nl nach De, top.

    By B. C. on 28/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Works Great
    Comment : These work great

    By P. F. on 26/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Alta calidad
    Comment : Mantiene la humedad

    By J. A. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Title : Rec
    Comment : Mogły by być okrągłe 😁

    By H. P. on 30/Jun/2021 :

    Title : All in good taste
    Comment : Was pleased to see I had judged the moisture levels fairly correctly, but having the control pack really helps - buds are not as rough to smoke, flavour is better. Plan on using these in the future as well.

    By J. L. on 17/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Conceptit
    Comment : Parfait pour conserver sa production bien au sec !

    By S. P. on 16/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Big humidity pack
    Comment : an impressive humidity controller pack

    By G. L. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Monoweed
    Comment : Ze werken (bijna) gratis. Zeer handig, zeker als je veel weed hebt liggen. Ik steek er na een weekje handmatig curren, 2 in 1 grote wreckpot.

    By B. B. on 07/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Brasil
    Comment : Difficile d’avoir un avis, puisque cela ne fait qu’une semaine que j’utilise ces sachets. Le système du rond bleu m’a l’air efficace et malin. L’herbe semble plus homogène, le résultat est satisfaisant. Et ça évite d’avoir à trop manipuler les bocaux. Merci rqs !

    By R. D. on 04/Jun/2021 :

    Title : Brother in DuB
    Comment : Prima vinding die humidity packs. Curen wordt echt makkelijk, toevoegen voor de juiste hoeveelheid groen, laten staan 2 weken minimaal en dat is het dan. Heerlijk rokertje(ik vape meestal en soms rook ik puur, geen tabak) met precies de juiste vochtigheidsgraad. Op zich kan je zonder maar het is zo handig en makkelijk dit!

    By A. R. on 31/May/2021 :

    Title : Rico
    Comment : Ein Muss für qualitatives Weed

    By A. P. on 14/May/2021 :

    Title : Spettacolari
    Comment : Queste bustine sono ottime per conciare l’erba, odore e sapore spettacolari se za aprire ogni giorno i tuoi barattoli.

    By G. D. on 12/May/2021 :

    Title : Concia
    Comment : Ho preso l'opzione dei 67g,ma pensavo ci fossere piu sacchetti piccoli che facessero 67g,ora è pressocche inutile vista la stazza

    By B. D. on 10/May/2021 :

    Title : Volodia
    Comment : Très pratique pour maintenir la bonne humidité durant l'affinage !!! Rqs toujours au top !!!

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From dansaz | 2021-03-04 15:24:30

I should use it immediately after drying phase, so since the first day of curing?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Since the first day of curing! That is right. Please follow the instructions on the pack.

From Michael | 2020-10-21 01:35:54

What are the dimensions of these packets?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Hi there, Thanks for your message. 8 gr -10 x 6 cm 64 gr - 17.5 x 10.5 cm

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