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Milky Way F1

Journey through the stars with this hard-hitting F1 hybrid. Milky Way F1 will ignite your engines with a high THC content and an array of tasty terpenes. On top of that, her hybrid vigour will impress you in the grow room or garden with rewarding yields, rapid growing times, and resistance to disease and environmental stressors. Once you sow this variety, you'll never go back.
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Milky Way F1: Cruise the Galaxy With This Potent F1

Greek mythology states that the Milky Way galaxy originated from the breasts of a goddess. While this cultivar comes from human innovation, it’ll quickly become the centre of your growing universe. As one of the first true cannabis F1 hybrids, Milky Way F1 is an autoflowering variety stemming from multiple inbred lines. The result? Unparalleled uniformity, impressive resistance to disease, great productivity, and flavours and effects that will inspire you to sow these seeds again and again. Milky Way F1 arrived in the cosmos after breeders crossed several highly inbred genetic lines that share a heritage with Blue Mammoth, Blue Dream, and Sin Tra Bajo Auto.

Milky Way F1

Effects, Flavours, and Aromas of Milky Way F1: Warming Effects and Dank Tastes

Milky Way F1’s parent varieties passed down a complex mix of terpenes, including myrcene, farnesene, caryophyllene, pinene, and limonene. Together, these aromatic molecules converge to create dank aromas and flavours of metallic Skunk and citrus. As a result, Milky Way F1 holds the title of the most aromatic cultivar in our F1 range. As far as effects go, this F1 hybrid will catapult you into orbit with high levels of THC. Expect a warm and fuzzy body high perfect for the evenings. Trace levels of CBG and soothing terpenes will help to curb the peak of the high to keep things chill.

Milky Way F1

Growing Milky Way F1: Compact and Reliable

Are you struggling with space? No worries! With an average height of 70cm, Milky Way F1 will happily reside in a small corner of your grow room or garden. This stealthy autoflowering variety serves up a large yield around 74 days after germination. Whether you're growing in a tent or room indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors in pots or garden beds, these plants are primed to perform.

Milky Way F1
Milky Way F1 data sheet
Variety: F1 Hybrid auto
Genetic Background: Blue Mammoth x Blue Dream x Sin Tra Bajo Auto
THC: Very high
Yield: XXL
Height: 55 - 75 cm
Flowering time: 42 - 45 days
Harvest: 70 - 75 days after germination
Major terpenes: Farnesene, Myrcene, Pinene
Effect: Creative, Euphoric, Physically Relaxing
Flavour: Chocolate, Citrus, Pungent, Skunk
Climate: Short Summers

    By A. U. on 19/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Fat Colas
    Comment : This strain took nutes with no problem, no burn, fast growing and fat colas for a smaller plant, just do some low stress training. The effects for me were a happy energetic feeling a good strain to get stuff done. Great from start to finish, enjoy.

    By D. M. on 19/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Tÿp
    Comment : Ich Der Knaller, 1,5 Tage nach dem ich den Samen in den Steinwolle Block gesteckt habe guckte schon der Keim raus. Mal gucken wie die sich noch machen. Das gilt für alle F1 Sorten die ich habe sowie jeder seed!!!

    By J. M. on 19/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Fácil, Rápido e Eficaz
    Comment : Optimo para cultivo simples, sem grandes aventuras e com bom rendimento.

    By K. S. on 12/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Hybrid fan
    Comment : My first time trying F1 hybrid. Totally worth it! I was surprised just over 10 weeks I have fat big nugs and beautiful looking awesome smelling great results. I can fit more in my tent next time. I’m definitely growing these again. For sure 👍

    By I. R. on 12/Feb/2024 :

    Title : Amazing
    Comment : My buds look so beautiful just using fox farms nutes they look amazing and smoke even better!!

    By R. M. on 29/Jan/2024 :

    Title : Nice
    Comment : Fast resilient and soo good

    By M. K. on 26/Jan/2024 :

    Title : Well worth the extra
    Comment : Money is well spent on these beans as they are uniform, sturdy, and reliable.

    By C. M. on 23/Jan/2024 :

    Title : McStretchy
    Comment : I can't believe how this strain stretched going into flower. It shot up overnight and towered over Northern Lights and Purple Lemonade. Milky Way yielded very well and quickly. Ten weeks from seed is great considering the quality and yield. I have two Titan and two Medusa in the dirt right now as far as F1 hybrid. Highly recommend!!!

    By D. K. on 18/Jan/2024 :

    Title : They are who we thought they were
    Comment : Easy quick delicious fat nugs. All three were like synchronized swimming just exactly what the other was height yield growing like mirror's of each other total happiness unbelievable. Thank you your description was spot on. Dank from Troy

    By J. B. on 09/Jan/2024 :

    Title : Milky Way
    Comment : Gives off great smell it is perspireingsweating more then the northern lights. I'm worried about mildew got them away from the wall the smell of these plants is strong skunky my fan just burnt out I'm on day 70 holding out great looking autoflower

    By N. V. on 27/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Nicos
    Comment : Heerlijke plant on the groeien, snelle ontkieming, sterke vegatieve plant(kan wel wat stress handelen), en heerlijk geurende toppen die vol trichomen zitten, ik moet nog een week of 2 en ben echt reuze benieuwd haar geur laat me watertanden

    By G. G. on 22/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Amazing
    Comment : Grows super fast I topped two of them and they handled it fine

    By R. D. on 15/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Amazing taste and effects
    Comment : The buds were huge and I enjoyed every little bit of them.

    By N. G. on 15/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Pleasantly Surprised
    Comment : I did not expect to have this plant ready in less than 3 months, and the yield was better than expected :)

    By A. P. on 12/Dec/2023 :

    Title : Hi
    Comment : Very potent and easy to grow, I recommend!

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From Gusiloko69 | 2024-01-31 00:36:39

Es automática??

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Si, esta variedad es autofloreciente.

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