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What is bitcoin?
While much of the world is still busy playing around with physical money, there is a new currency on the web called bit coin that has become a popular alternative to other forms of currency. The bit coin payment process is easy. It is also extremely secure. Paying with bit coin allows for people to engage in truly private transactions on the web. Forget needing to make payments through middle men. It's not even necessary to involve one's bank to make a bit coin transaction happen. Aside from being a type of Internet currency, bit coin is not vulnerable to the usual bank practices of currency manipulation. Rather, specialized coding procedures are used to ensure the stability of bit coin and prevent these manipulations from occurring. Now anyone can use this decentralized currency. All that a person needs to get started is a computer or similar smart device that can access the Internet.

Why use bit coin instead of other conventional payment options?

* The unique coding method, called a block chain, employed in a bit coin transaction makes it next to impossible for third party entities to hack into and follow your transactions. This is a nice way to keep other people's prying eyes out of your business, even government entities.

* It is not only a safer way to send money across the Internet, but it saves the purchaser money to do so. This is because you are not forced to incur any third party fees, such as with other online payment methods.

To learn more about bit coin transactions, please check out the following video:

How to make a bit coin payment to Royal Queen Seeds.
Royal Queen Seeds is now allowing its customers to purchase products using bit coin transactions. First you will need to acquire a bit coin wallet. Then you will need to get bit coin currency into that wallet. Don't worry, the process is simple. Once you have a bit coin wallet and have acquired a little bit coin currency, then you will be ready to start purchasing products using bit coin.

What is a bit coin wallet?
A bit coin wallet is much like having an online account for receiving, sending, and transacting bit coins. When a person buys bit coins, they are moved into their bit coin wallet. When they buy things using bit coins, the bit coins are then taken out of the bit coin wallet accordingly to complete the transaction for a purchase. To make this process simple for you, we will describe how you can set up a Coinbase account to get started. A Coinbase account is a type of bit coin wallet. Coinbase is used by people world wide to make bit coin transactions execute smoothly in international commerce.

How to set up your very own Coinbase wallet.
Step 1: Direct your browser to and sign up with your email address and password by filling in the required fields.

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Step 2: Next, check your email box for a confirmation email and click the provided link to verify and activate your account.

Step 3: After verification has taken place, be sure to agree to the terms and conditions of the site.
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You are now the proud owner of your own Coinbase wallet. Now you can engage in bit coin based financial transactions and purchase products from vendors who accept bit coin currency.

Sending a bit coin payment to Royal Queen Seeds.
Your acquisition of a bit coin wallet now makes it possible for us to show you how to purchase items from us using bit coins stored within your online wallet.

Step 1: When you reach the checkout page for Royal Queen Seeds, choose the payment option for bit coins from the payment options listed.
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2. Next, you will see the payment details page. This page lists all the details you need to know to make a payment transaction. WARNING: If you have already set up a bit coin wallet, DO NOT CLICK the button that reads, "Pay with bit coin". Instead, gather the following information:

A. Get the Royal Queen Seeds bit coin address
B. Take down the total amount of the payment owed.
C. Take down the order number

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Step 3. Go to your Coinbase bit coin wallet and open it.
Step 4. Click the button which reads "send money". A page that looks like this should appear.
Step 5. Simply enter or paste the Royal Queen Seeds bit coin address where the screen says, "To".
Step 6. Next, enter or paste the amount where the page states "amount"
Step 7. Finally, enter or paste the order number in the area called "message".

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WARNING: This is just an example to show you where to enter the relevant information. Make sure that you enter the correct information that has to do with your particular order in the right areas as indicated by your bit coin wallet.

Step 8 By clicking, "send money", you are activating your bit coin wallet to complete the transaction. Once we receive payment, we will promptly ship your items to you.

How to buy bit coin.
If you are new to the whole bit coin phenomenon, do not worry. You can buy bit coins and have them transferred into your bit coin wallet straight from the Coinbase site we directed you to use earlier.

How to purchase bit coins when using Coinbase:
* First, simply login to the Coinbase website.
* Next, Click "buy/sell"
* Under the section entitled "buy bit coin", the Coinbase system will ask you the amount of bit coin you would like to purchase. It is important to realize that you will likely be buying fractions of bit coins, since a single bit coin is rather pricey. For example, the cost of .05 of a bit coin is priced at $26.40, as you can see in the example. This exchange rate information is accurate as of the date of this guide's being written.

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WARNING: Coinbase, as with other bit coin vendors, will not allow for the exchange of money for bit coin without first requiring you to verify certain information, such as, bank account, credit card, or phone numbers. Upon verification, a unique block chain is assigned to your bit coin, making it uniquely your's to do with as you desire with complete anonymity.

The following is a list of other bit coin sellers provided for your convenience: - A Dutch based Bitcoin Vendor - An international Bitcoin Exchange - A UK based Bitcoin Exchange - A Dutch based Bitcoin Exchange - A Scandinavian based Bitcoin Vendor

There are certainly numerous other websites one can visit to purchase bit coin from. As you can see, it is safe and relatively easy to use bit coin to engage in financial transactions. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.