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The distinctive green shopfronts and unique interiors of Royal Queen Seeds are appearing all over the legal cannabis-loving world. RQS shops are your one-stop marijuana marketplace. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff guarantee a first class cannabis shopping experience every time.

If we don’t yet have a location near you, or if you’re looking to see a bit more of what we have to offer, visit the Royal Queen Seeds Facebook page.

Our Facebook feed is wall-to-wall with chunky nug pics that will make your mouth water. Each fat cola is the end result of a satisfied customer growing Royal Queen Seeds. Companion planting and nutrient recommendations, organic soil recipes, and how to roll an awesome joint are all included here as well.

But aside from the classic weed porn, our Facebook provides a platform for customers to voice their questions and comments on a friendly forum. Just like in our shops, our social media team is comprised of knowledgeable cultivators and connoisseurs who are here to solve your queries!



Here at RQS, we supply a comprehensive range of cannabis genetics sourced from a globally interconnected team of dedicated growers. Hundreds of years of combined breeding experience results in outstanding quality. We carry the classics that never go out of style, as well as interesting contemporary crossbreeds. From high-CBD medical marijuana to couch potato indicas; from soaring day-glo sativas to cutting-edge autoflowering wonder plants, RQS supplies a quality range of seeds to suit even the most fussy marijuana connoisseur.

Our team can help you select the breed to suit your personal preference and grow environment. We stock our own exclusive RQS branded seeds, as well as those of several respected breeders. If we don’t have the strain to suit your needs, then it probably doesn't exist. Our staff will be happy to suggest specific techniques to help you maximise the performance of your chosen genetics. Customers can expect an individualised experience from cannabis experts at the forefront of modern marijuana growing.

Whether you live near the Arctic Circle or the Equator, we can solve your cannabis problems and answer your cannabis questions. RQS is becoming synonymous with top-quality products and high-calibre know-how. You don’t have to be a grower to take advantage of what we have to offer. Our online and brick-and-mortar shops carry every connoisseur's needs. This includes grinders, themed tees, and all the marijuana-friendly paraphernalia you can think of. RQS is at the leading edge of the marijuana marketplace. Use our shop locator to find a brand shop or authorised reseller near you. See you on Facebook!

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