CBD cannabis seeds

Medical marijuana seeds - The first medical use of cannabis traces back five thousand years ago to a Chinese botanist who prescribed marijuana as a cure for malaria, beriberi, constipation, rheumatic pains, lack of concentration and for several female ailments. Another ancient Chinese expert described a blend of cannabis resin and wine to be used as a painkiller.In the early Nineties, medical cannabis use for therapeutic purposes became increasingly popular in the Western world, and at the moment it can even be purchased in pharmacies with a simple prescription. However, considering the expense and limited choice of available medical cannabis, many patients decide to grow their own.
  • Solomatic CBD
    Solomatic CBD
    € 34.50
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  • Dance World
    Dance World
    € 17.50 € 15.75
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  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD
    Stress Killer Automatic CBD
    € 25.00
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  • Fast Eddy Automatic CBD
    Fast Eddy Automatic CBD
    € 25.00
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  • Royal Highness
    Royal Highness
    € 17.50
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  • Royal Medic
    Royal Medic
    € 15.00
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  • Euphoria
    € 23.00
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  • Medical Mass
    Medical Mass
    € 25.00
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  • Painkiller XL
    Painkiller XL
    € 25.00 € 20.00
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  • CBD Mix
    CBD Mix
    € 21.50
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