By Luke Sumpter

Everything about cannabis is complex. There are thousands of strains, dozens of cannabinoids, and countless ways to enjoy the herb. Innovation over the last few decades has led to high-tech methods of inhaling cannabis, from vaporization to dabbing. However, many smokers still prefer the more primitive methods of getting stoned. One of the oldest ways to saturate the bloodstream with THC is the pipe. This humble design originated thousands of years ago, and the general mechanism has withstood the test of time. The steamroller pipe is an often overlooked—and very powerful—variation.


Steamroller pipes look unusual. Sure, they’re pipe-shaped, but their similarities to more conventional pipes stop there. These devices look more like chillums in their design and offer a much harsher hit than most pipes on the market.

What sets steamroller pipes apart from other models is the position of the carb—an air hole that, when released, allows smokers to clear the bowl. In most pipes, the carb occupies the side of the bowl, with the bowl positioned at the end of the stem. Steamroller pipes go against the grain when it comes to pipe design. The large carb hole resides at the very end of the pipe, and the bowl is further up the stem.

The unconventional layout of this design results in huge hits and an instant high. Let’s discover exactly how these pipes work and why some stoners love them.


Steamroller pipes are primitive in nature. They’re one of the simplest ways to smoke weed. There’s no water, no electricity, and no thinking involved either. It’s as simple as lighting the bowl and unleashing the massive carb hole at the end.

It might sound exactly like how a pipe works, but there’s a big difference. The location and size of the carb hole turns a normal hit into a massive one. The gaping hole at the end of a steamroller pipe results in a resistance-free flow of air that penetrates deep into the lungs.

It’s easy to control the smoke intake from a normal pipe. The carb hole can be toyed with to clear the desired amount of smoke. This is much harder to do when hitting a steamroller pipe. They almost always take the smoker off guard. For this reason, they’re really not recommended for beginners.



The harshness of steamroller hits might sound undesirable, but that’s exactly why so many smokers enjoy them. It’s a completely different way to inhale cannabis. They deliver an enormous amount of cannabinoids in a short window. This is precisely what a veteran smoker with a high tolerance needs.

Below, we’ll cover the benefits of using a steamroller pipe. Then, we’ll explore why sometimes they’re not the best option.


One of the best features of steamroller pipes is their simplicity. You don’t need to carry around water or rolling papers. All you need is a lighter and some good-quality bud.


Most pipes are a hassle to clean. They require navigating all manner of nooks and crannies to remove every last speck of residue. Fortunately, cleaning is a piece of cake when using a steamroller pipe. Wide-open holes at each end make removing tar an easy task. Run some water through the pipe, give it a quick scrub, and you’re done!


If you fail to clear a bong or pipe bowl properly, you’re going to lose some smoke. It’s not a huge deal, but results in you wasting more weed over time. When using a steamroller, every bit of smoke is fired straight into the lungs.


Because almost no smoke is lost, each hit is huge. It’s not just the amount, but how fast it enters the lungs. Smoking steamroller pipes is the equivalent of necking a shot when drinking. They’re the way to go if you’re looking for an instant high.


Of course, not everything about the steamroller pipe is sunshine and rainbows; these massive hits are made for experienced tokers.


Steamroller pipes aren’t for everyone, and most beginners won’t get along with them. The lungs take some time to adjust to joints alone. The harsh hits and intensity of the high just aren’t for some smokers.


Most steamrollers are forged from glass. They look beautiful, but are susceptible to breaking. Don’t expect to throw one in your bag and find it in one piece at the end of the day. If you plan on travelling with your steamroller, make sure it’s safe and snug in a case.


So, now you’re aware of the pros and cons of this unique style of smoking apparatus. If it appeals to you, then it’s time to blaze! Strap yourself in and prepare for the hit of a lifetime.

  1. Pack the bowl with as much weed as you see fit.
  2. Cover the carb with one hand.
  3. Use the other hand to light the bowl and begin to inhale.
  4. Draw smoke up the pipe until it’s full.
  5. Remove your hand from the carb hole and inhale sharply.
  6. Enjoy the high!


If you’re looking for heavy hits and an instant high, it’s time to add a steamroller pipe to your collection. The Royal Queen Seeds Steamroller is a simple design equipped with a comfortable mouthpiece and the RQS logo.

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